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Restaurants in Bogotà: Curry at the Little Indian Superstar

Finally it has happened. After years of searching and countless disappointments, I’ve found the holy grail of curry in Bogotà: The Little Indian Superstar.

While Dhaba, found near the centre of the city, offers pretty authentic tasting curries, its location and set-up (it’s basically in someone’s garage) make it less-than-ideal if you’re planning something fancy. The Little Indian Superstar, by contrast, oozes class and kitschy charm.

Fairy lights dominate the ceiling, illuminating restaurant-goers and recalling a bar you might expect to see in London’s Shoreditch region, or New york’s Brooklyn. This idea is only enhanced with a look at the drinks menu: pages and pages of gin in the fanciest of preentations; beers from different corners of the globe; and cocktails that you’ve probably never heard of. Indeed, once the eating is over, revellers at the Little Indian Superstar can burn off their meals dancing to some top-notch DJs until 3am.

The lights in Little Indian Superstar, Bogotà
The lights in Little Indian Superstar, Bogotà

Of course, the most important thing about a curry restaurant is the food, and it’s here where The Little Indian Superstar really shines. If you’re looking for curry in Bogotà, you’ll find the most variation and the most authentic flavours in town. Not to mention a decent amount of spice, and no expat in Colombia needs me to tell them how important it is that your food is actually spicey when you ask for it spicey. Jalfrezi, madras, masala and even Goan shrimp curries make an appearance on the menu, while if you like your curry less spicey you can get the korma.

Unfortunately there’s no naan bread on offer, but it’s small sacrifice to make for what’s otherwise a delicious trip back to England’s famous curry houses.

Prices for a curry range from $15,000 – $30,000, while a beer costs at least $8,000 and gin drinks roughly $29,000.

The Little Indian Superstar is located at Avenida 82 # 12A-23.

You’ll find their Facebook page here.


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    The Little Indian star restaurant looks really good. I especially liked the ceiling lights – it’s very romantic.


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