Jul 24

More Hilarious Keywords That Have Found the Colombia Travel Blog

A while ago we brought you our top 5 search engine terms that brought people to our blog. These included things like ‘Is My Cat Colombian’, which we tried to answer the best we could.

Well, turns out people are still searching for crazy stuff and finding our blog. We’re not sure how, we’re not sure why, but it sure does give us a chuckle. So here are some more of our favourite search terms that have somehow linked the searcher to our blog.

“Why Are Colombians so Ghetto/Ugly?”

Sofia Vergara
Sofia Vergara

Tell me about it. Sofia Vergara? YUCK! Shakira? PUKE! The hoardes of beautiful women that we see almost every day? UG-ER-LY!

Whoever searched for this can’t have had much luck…

“Where is Colombia in England?”

Simple. If you start out on the A1 Southbound, hop onto the M25 heading towards the M4 and Heathrow. Come off at the Heathrow turning and head to the airport. From hear you just hop on a plane via Madrid to Bogotà and voila, in just 15 hours you’ll be in Colombia, England.

“Spot the dog in this picture”

What I love most about this one is the fact that this is what the searcher does in their spare time.

“What salsa song goes da da da da?”

Umm… This one?

“Why Shouldn’t I Travel to Colombia?”

The beach in Taganga
The beach in Taganga

Considering all we blog about are the virtues of travel to Colombia, we’re pretty sure this guy found the wrong blog to answer that question.

“Where to cash a $500 peso coin?”

Probably not worth it, to be honest (it’s around 30 cents).

“What were Phallic Pillars in about 1500bc?”

Whoever searched for this, I only hope they come back and tell me, because my curiosity is truly piqued by this search.

“What are you doing Aaron?”

Exactly what I said above.

“Ancient Greek Sex”

Suprisingly, considering this person was typing with their left hand, there are no spelling mistakes. Their click accuracy, however, let them down, and they were lead to a Colombian travel blog rather than the haven of Greek porn they searched for.

“Life is good but living in fear is not my idea of living”

Inspirational search terms. Just what the doctor ordered.

“Racist ice cream”

Mimo's ice cream... Racist?
Mimo’s ice cream… Racist?

BOOM! Who knew that if you were looking for racist ice cream, we’d be just the place you were looking for?!

“Worldwide Ski Gondola Pictures”

I just… I don’t… Why us?

“What’s the Spanish for Juan Valdez?”

Aaaaand we’re all a little bit more stupid having read that.


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    Fari on

    Loved it! I also have a blog about Colombia and I need to check what search terms bring people to it=jj
    My experience and travels in Colombia: http://www.adventuristka.ru


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