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Where to Eat in Cartagena – Our Top 5 Picks

la cevicheria cartagena

Cartagena is one of the best places in Colombia to eat. Not only is there an abundance of great restaurants in Cartagena, the street food is good and you can pick up some mean bites to eat from local markets. We’re focusing today on the selection of restaurants, however, and we’ve picked out for you out trop 5 restaurants to visit when you travel to Cartagena.

1. El Bistro (Calle Ayos # 4 – 46)

Outside of El Bistro

A trendy, warm restaurant, El Bistro serves reasonably priced food with an international flavour. There’s a great selection of international beers which you can enjoy with some delicious fish, a vegetarian meal or an inventive meat dish. One of the few places in Colombia where you’ll find a good curry, it’s become a firm favourite of the Colombia Travel Blog when we visit Cartagena.

Tabetai (Calle 2 de Badillo # 36 – 63)

The food and logo of Tabetai

Small, intimate and stylish, Tabetai is one of the best places to enjoy sushi when you travel to Colombia. Serving a traditional selection of sushi with some creative local touches, it’s a must visit if you’re a lover of Japanese food… Or just good food in general.

La Perla (Calle de Ayos # 4 – 42)

The stylish interior of La Perla

Near El Bistro is La Perla – a Cartagena institution. Popular with locals and foreigners, the main cuisine on offer is Peruvian, although the fusion with Mediterranean influence makes for a unique menu. Chic, original and delectable, it’s not hard to see why La Perla has become so popular.

La Mulata (Calle Quero # 9 – 58)

The outside of La Mulata

Local cuisine done well. La Mulata is popular with all types and especially travellers as it offers a slice of the local culture at affordable prices. A great place to settle down for lunch, you’ll find something new each day and have the chance to wash it all down with a delicious fruit juice.

Krioyo (Calle de la Mantilla # 3 – 49)

Food at Krioyo

One of Colombia’s many reputable Cuban restaurants, Krioyo offers excellent food in a great setting. With live music on the rooftop at weekends it’s a great place to relax with friends and begin the night before heading out into Cartagena’s infamous nightlife.

Of course the selection doesn’t stop there – Cartagena is full of great culinary options, so if you want some more tips don’t hesitate to get in touch.


7 thoughts on “Where to Eat in Cartagena – Our Top 5 Picks

  1. Brendon on

    Another +1 for El Bistro. We like it so much we’re having Chef Lars cater our wedding in May!

  2. John on

    I’ve been to columbia twice and both times I have been sick from the food. I’m not saying the food was not good and that you will also get sick, I’m just saying watch out.


      Paul on

      Yeh, I’ve had a couple of friends come and be sick, but in all my time here I haven’t suffered! I think it’s a mix of luck of the draw and not being accustomed to the food (at least, that was the case for one friend).

      Always good to be on alert in a foreign country, anyhoo.



      Brendon on

      It would be more helpful to tell us what you ate, what to avoid than to make a blanket statement about it.

      Also…being to Colombia twice should teach you how to spell it 🙂

  3. sandrine swolfs on

    Le Bistro is sooo good. their cheesecake is absolutely delicious.
    Another nice restaurant is La Vitrola.
    And for breakfast and patisserie: La ganache!!! It’s a French patisserie.


      Paul on

      All delicious suggestions! I love El Bistro, every time I’m in Cartagena I go there for some fish curry. Absolutely excellent. Thanks for the post, Sandrine!



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