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Day-Trips from Medellin: Santa Fe de Antioquia

Knowing you as well as I do, oh general public, I have something very special to share with you today on the Colombia Travel Blog. As you’ll undoubtedly know, the team are here in Medellin for the Feria de Las Flores, enjoying the sunshine and the beautiful city. But just visiting one place obviously wasn’t enough for us, being the budding travellers we are, so we went to Santa Fe de Antioquia too for a little bit more sun, and a little bit more relaxation.

A view over through the window onto the tops of Santa Fe de Antioquia’s traditional houses

Santa Fe de Antioquia is a small, charming colonial village located on the outskirts of Medellin. It was, once upon a time, the capital of our fair Colombia and that mark is evident to see in the village, especially when you compare it to La Candelaria in Bogota, where Colombia’s capital was born.

Wandering round the peaceful streets of the village is a great way to delve into Colombia’s history, and a great opportunity to relax. The streets are cobbled, the walls in colonial design and the many plazas perfect for relaxing in the sun and people watching. One great option is to head out with See Colombia Travel, who arrange a visit to a local house for you. Here not only can you relax and make yourself at home, you can relax by a swimming pool! Believe me when I say there is little better than kicking back here after a tough day meandering through the beautiful streets of Santa Fe de Antioquia.

Santa Fe de Antioquia is located about 2 hours away and it’s easy to take a bus from Terminal del Norte to get there (tickets range from about $9,000 to $15,000).

Now for us, it’s back to Medellin’s Feria de Las Flores. Hasta luego!


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