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Guide to travel to Támesis, Antioquia

Támesis Antioquia

Támesis – a very pretty town in the Cartama Valley in the southwestern region of Antioquia, approximately 3 hours from Medellín. Surrounded by spectacular nature that invites you to stop and enjoy the views of the beautiful totally green and natural landscape, in addition to the old houses with typical facades of many colors.

Támesis is not as famous as for example Jardín or Jericó, but it can definitely compete at the same level – indeed, I like Támesis better, it is more authentic because not so many tourists come to visit the town and its surroundings yet.

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A trip to Támesis is perfect for a weekend out with the Medellín family and offers a variety of activities to enjoy and share with your family.

1. Hike to the hill Cristo Rey

One of the first things that will draw your attention when you arrive in Támesis will surely be the Cristo Rey hill because of the mountain and its statue “reign” over the town. The hill is a symbol of that typical town in the southwest of Antioquia and also offers a beautiful view over the entire Cartama Valley, the Farallon de la Pintada, and even the Cauca River.

The walk lasts about 3 hours, it is not long, but it is demanding because part of the path is quite steep and passes through a humid cloud forest, but the sun already warms up well in the morning, so you feel in the weather tropical. That is why I recommend that you leave early and bring plenty of water. However, the exigency is worth it for the view that one can enjoy from the foot of the statue of Cristo Rey.

Tamesis Antioquia Colombia
View from the Cerro Cristo Rey

2. Adventure activities

Perhaps the activity that most surprised me was the visit to the caverns of the San Antonio River, as I tell you that I had the most exciting moments of the trip. I felt like an explorer with the helmet and the flashlight on my forehead to have my “4 legs” free to get into the gaps between giant rocks that were formed from an underground volcano before the creation of the Andes.

But what one sees inside these caverns is wonderful: crystal clear water and impressive rock formations in the middle of this jungle on the mountain above the municipality of Tamésis. According to Rodrigo, our guide, who was the one who discovered them, one can continue for a long time following the river through the caverns, but yes: they will get wet and dirty, however, they will be very happy if they like adventure activities such as to me.

Quote your visit to Támesis and do all these activities.

Támesis Antioquia Caves
In the caverns of the San Antonio River in Támesis

3.  Petroglyphs route and indigenous reservation

The large number of petroglyphs found in and around Támesis are witnesses to the richness and significance that the area has in terms of culture and history for its fertile lands. Cristian accompanied us again to explain the meaning of the different signs carved in the rocks. On this route, they will learn not only about the importance of the place in the past, but they will also be able to enjoy the landscape and the Antioquia countryside.

Few know that in Támesis there is an indigenous reservation of the Embera Chamí. We went with our guide Cristian de Turis-Támesis who is also indigenous and lives in the reservation. He told us his personal story, the daily life of his neighbors, the pride, and also the problems of being indigenous in Colombia.

tamesis resguardo indigena
Foto cortesía de Turis-Támesis.
petroglifos Támesis Antioquia
Petroglyphs – Támesis Antioquia

4. Paragliding

Adrenaline lovers can also opt for a paragliding flight to enjoy one of the most beautiful landscapes in Colombia from the perspective of birds. For paragliding, you can contact Jorge Porras at cell phone 300 714 2831.

5. Río Frio Walk and Tubing

The walk to the Río Frío that is on the way to Jericó on a path of the Támesis is perfect to spend a few hours with the family, have a picnic, bathe in the river puddles, and go tubing. Tubing is a very fun activity that is also known as downhill.

Reserve your experience in Támesis here.

Tubing río frío Támesis Antioquia
Tubing in Támesis

6. Sport fishing

Another plan to spend as a family on the Thames is to go fishing. We went to La Parcelita where our host John showed us personally how to cast the hook to fish. Despite having rather little experience in fishing, we managed to catch something. The best reward for the patience it takes to fish is that in the end you can enjoy fresh and freshly prepared fish at La Parcelita or take it home. Another nice place to fish that is closer to the town and where you can also eat is Charco Azul.

7. Taller Country

In Carlos Muñoz’s “Taller country” you can find wooden crafts to take home a souvenir from Támesis, Antioquia. When you are there, also ask for the delicious Arazá jam, a sweet-sour peach that is grown in this region.

8. Campamento Lechuga

An alternative plan is to visit the “El Más Allá” farm. The owners of this site Claudia and Manuel dedicate their lives to animals, at the time of our visit there were 23 dogs, 18 cats, 2 mules, and 1 mare rescued from the street or from abuse to live the rest of their lives in protection and peace.

The couple is completely dedicated to their animals and their farm, which is why they are also vegan and invite their guests to share a vegan meal with them. In addition, there is one of the largest rocks in the area with 14 petroglyphs in the territory of the farm. It is worth visiting them and enjoying a few hours of the tranquility and peace of Campamento Lechuga.

You will find these and more activities in Támesis by clicking here.

Campamento lechuga Támesis Antioquia
A rescued dog at “Campamento Lechuga”

As you surely realize, in Támesis there are a wide variety of activities of all kinds and tastes to spend a couple of days with family, friends, or your partner. Regarding the organization of your trip, we recommend that you trust Rodrigo de Ecocartama and Fredy Turis-Támesis.

I recommend that you contact Rodrigo from Ecocartama for any adventure plan: torrentism, rappelling, caverns, descent in a tire down the Cartama River, etc. as well as ecological walks. For more information, you can call 313 7458740 (Rodrigo Echeverri).

To go to the indigenous reservation of Támesis and an interpretation of the petroglyphs we really liked going with Turis-Támesis, since it is very interesting to listen to the stories of an indigenous guide. Get in touch with Fredy de Turis-Támesis through his Facebook page or call 321 8034682 (Fredy Ramírez).


In Támesis it offers different accommodations depending on the tastes, preferences, and budget of each one: you can rent a farm or a cabin a little away from the town to live the tranquility of the countryside and enjoy a beautiful view or stay in one of the hotels in the town to wander through the cobbled streets of the town or chat with people while having red wine in the square.

  • Hotel Balcón Tamesino: it is located directly on the main square of Támesis in a large house with typical facades. The rooms are spacious and very modern. To make a reservation, you can contact Natalia Pérez at cell phone 319 374 6626.
  • Hotel Vegas Del Río:  just two blocks from the main square, it also has a great location. Light coming in through large, typical windows illuminates large rooms. With the reservation, Sebastián Correa will help you: – (4) 849 44 55 – 300 277 7549
  • La Cabaña Encantada: a very good option, a bit far from the town in a very natural and quiet environment. The cabin has space for 2 to 4 people and the owner Maria Cecilia Cadavid likes to prepare a delicious meal to share with her guests and invite them to a meditation in the mornings.
  • La Oculta Lodge: Mario Ceballos Abad added 2 spacious cabins to his farm in Palermo, a village of Támesis, with spectacular views over the entire Cartama Valley and for those who wonder: yes, it has to do with the book La Oculta by the Colombian writer Héctor Abad Faciolince. If you stay in one of the cabins in La Oculta, you have the opportunity to talk with Mario and find out about the stories behind the book: 321 674 7358


In Támesis there are many options of restaurants from typical foods to vegetarian restaurants.

We recommend Las Delicias del Balcón restaurant, which is also directly on the main square of Támesis. Call chef Tatiana Velasquez on cell phone at 3116686638 to prepare delicious cold cuts like us to take them to one of the activities I mentioned above.

Another option is to eat the food with the sport fishing that I mentioned earlier in the activities: La Parcelita and Charco Azul.

For more information about Támesis, click here.


To get to Támesis there are two options. In private transport, it is approximately 3 hours from Medellín. The other way to get to Támesis is by bus from the Terminal del Sur in Medellín. By bus, it takes about 3 and a half hours and the ticket costs 18,000 COP each way. The road is quite winding, that is, there are many curves, ascents, and descents through the Antioquia mountains, so I recommend you prepare if that affects you easily.

Támesis is a perfect destination to leave the city of Medellín for a weekend to spend with family or friends. A varied amount of activities is offered where surely everyone will find something they like, whether it be culture, nature, sport or food, for those who prefer to spend a few quiet days they can also stay in a farm and rest enjoying the delicious weather and the view. There is truly something for everyone on Támesis

I recommend you go to Támesis and enjoy all its activities.


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