Jul 08

Hollywood Vs. Colombia II: Romancing The Stone

A movie poster for the 1984 classic

You know what I like about Colombians? The fact that they all speak with strong Mexican accents and look Mexican too.

Oh no wait, no they don’t do they? That’s Mexican people. How silly of me to mistake them. The thing is, I’ve just been watching the entertaining capers of Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas in Romancing The Stone. Using the power of cinema I was taken back to Colombia in 1984 (when the film was made) and, curiously, when Colombia was Mexico (I imagine where the film was made). As with my last post on Mr. And Mrs. Smith, initially I was incredulous, thinking to myself ‘I’m sure Colombia was never Mexico… why haven’t the researchers of Hollywood done their jobs properly again?’

But then, as I became more and more engrossed in the flamboyant storyline and the whimsical humour of the whole thing; as Michael Douglas’s suave, maverick charm began to win me over and Kathleen Turner’s chiselled jawline began enchanting me, I started to think: maybe it’s me that’s wrong?

Tours Desde Colombia

The charming Jacumulco, where Romancing The Stone was filmed

Maybe since 1984 the airport in Cartagena did manage to get rid of the chickens that roam the waiting rooms? Maybe since 1984 Castillo de San Felipe did move from the mountainous regions of Cordoba to the Walled City of Cartagena? Maybe in 1984 monkeys and snakes did used to roam the bus routes as you drive through Colombia? Maybe in 1984 Cartagena was pronounced Cartageña, just like Michael Douglas says? And maybe, just maybe, in 1985 the Costeños of Cartageña (I’m learning, Michael!) did speak with a thick Mexican accent, and only since then did they lose their ‘S’ sound and begin to speak in an accent I have no chance of understanding?

Probably not though, eh?

On the upside, something to enjoy with your non-alcoholic beverage… this also happened: