Our Colombia Travel Blog has been looking at the FIFA U20s 2011 Colombia World Cup for the last week or so now, trolling through the cities that will be hosting what is arguably Colombia’s biggest footballing event to date. Today we’re looking at Pereira, the final point in Colombia’s Coffee Triangle. As with Armenia and […]

Continuing our look at the cities featured in the 2011 Colombia FIFA World Cup, we take a little visit to the city of Armenia, found in the beautiful Coffee Region of Colombia. Armenia is a city in the Paisa region of Colombia, and as you may recall from previous posts, Paisas are some of the […]

Yesterday on our Colombia Travel Blog, Ryan looked at the hip-swinging capital of salsa, Cali. Today I’ll be looking at Manizales, also known as ‘The City of Open Doors’. Manizales is the capital of the Caldas department and, along with Armenia and Pereira, forms what is known as Colombia’s Coffee Triangle. It’s a region of […]

One of Colombia‘s most important exports is its coffee. Over 10 million bags of coffee are exported every year from Colombia, to areas such as Japan, Australia, Europe and the US. Colombia is up with Vietnam and Brazil as one of the world’s most popular coffee producers, and the country has a reputation as one […]