May 23

Bernie and Linda in the Coffee Triangle, Colombia

Today we hear again from our traveling amigos, Linda and Bernie, who’ve been to the Coffee Region in Colombia. Here’s what they got up to:


A cup of coffee in Cafe Jesus Martin

We had a driver arranged for us by See Colombia Travel so we were picked up in the morning and arrived in Salento for our 11am tour of a coffee farm called Plantation House. Timothy, our host, had been living nearby to Salento for 5 years, in which time he and his wife had replanted hundreds of coffee plants on the slopes of their farm.

Timothy explained to us about the different types of coffee beans, Robusto and Arabica, and promised us a taste of his finest traditional coffee when we got to his farm. Once at the farm Timothy explained the 24 stages of growing coffee, it sounds like a great deal of hard work throughout the long process of growing, picking, drying, roasting and finally pouring out my cup of coffee.

We were encouraged to explore the local area where pineapples, plantain, blackberries and bamboo grows. Eventually we returned to the farm and were given an excellent cup of Colombian coffee before our short climb back to Salento. In Salento we met our driver, went for a delicious coffee in Cafe Jesus Martin, and then to an excellent restaurant with a beautiful view of a valley. Here we enjoyed some delicious trout; a local speciality.

Magical Cocora Valley

After lunch we were taken to Cocora Valley. Due to bad weather the day before, one of the bridges was being rapidly repaired, meaning we couldn’t venture too far into the forest. However, we still enjoyed spectacular views of the valley and the tall, straight wax palms, standing proudly just as a national tree should. We also visited a trout farm nearby that was fun in itself and allowed us even more amazing views of the area. Stunning.

After Cocora it was back home to relax in our specially chosen Finca, Finca Palermo. It was great staying so close to nature and especially in Finca Palermo, where there’s a charming little waterfall at the bottom of the garden. I didn’t fancy a swim, but apparently it’s possible!

Colombia gets better and better…


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  1. Justin on

    Interesting blog. I also love coffee. If you are ever in Panama and want to do a coffee tour, let me know.


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