I’ve been in a relationship with a Colombian girl for about 6 months now. I swore I wouldn’t. I decided to travel to Bogota determined just to stay single as long as possible, since I planned on travelling a lot. Time and time again I was told, ‘it won’t be long now’, or ‘everyone gets […]

This week at the towers of See Colombia Travel and the Colombia Travel Blog something amazing happened… Our esteemed leader and all-round nice lady, Marcela, welcomed into the world her first child. We’re all very proud of JL and Marcela, and it’s been a huge year for them. Firstly they enjoyed a memorable marriage in […]

A country of baffling diversity, Colombia offers endless options to the intrepid traveller. Deserts, mountains, Caribbean and Pacific coastlines, verdant flatlands… If you’re searching for it, chances are you can find it in Colombia. For this reason Colombia is becoming more and more popular with all kinds of tourists – including couples getting married in […]