Arepas_de_huevo (Photo: Jdvillalobos on Wikipedia)

  Many foreigners in Colombia will see the title of this post (in spite of the ‘?’) as pure sacrilege: the humble arepa is often treated with barely masked disdain by the growing number of foreigners visiting Colombia or calling the country home. Many Colombians might be in pretty strong disagreement as well, citing ajiaco, bandeja paisa, sancocho […]

metrocable medellin

When people think of travel to Colombia, few think of the leafy streets and progressive architecture of Medellin, nor the stunning colonial streets of Cartagena, the buzzing streets of Cali or the cosmopolitan Bogota. Inevitably, most people will think these cities look something like this: Not true, Mr. Hollywood. In reality life for most expats […]

Normal practice is resuming here at our Colombia Travel Blog with our countdown to the Colombia World Cup 2011. Today we’re looking at Barranquilla, the birth place of Shakira and one of the biggest Carnivals in the world. Barranquilla is located in the north of Colombia on the country’s Caribbean coast. The weather, like nearby […]