Gringos salsa

Bogotá may not have the biggest expat community out there, but the one it does have is thriving, well-connected and, best of all, pretty damn fun. There are various opportunities to meet up with expats from all over the world in that are living in Bogotá and exchange stories, guzzle beers, reminisce about life back […]

Click on the link  -> to see Sarah’s point of view about Andres Carne de Res in English. Mas Escapes Fantásticos por Latinoamerica aquí: Para nadie es un secreto que en los últimos años Andrés Carne de Res en Chía, Bogotá se ha convertido en un referente casi obligatorio para todo viajero que pasa por […]

Guest posts at  the Colombia Travel Blog do not necessarily represent the opinion of our team. In fact, they are often chosen specifically because they offer an alternative perspective and can give rise to interesting debate. Guest authors neither pay nor receive any sort of compensation for their participation. Illustrations and captions are provided by The […]