Humpback Whale Colombia

  It’s the first day of July, and that means one thing (well, it means lots of things, but for our purposes just one!): it’s officially the beginning of humpback whale season here in Colombia. The first whales were spotted from the coast of Colombia’s Pacific region a couple of weeks ago, but it’s July […]

Los Llanos Colombia, Josmi Amin Martelo

We are very grateful with all the photographers that make part of our collaborative Colombia Photos Gallery, but once in a while we are just stunned by the quality and passion of some of our collaborators. Let’s Josmi Amin Martelo photos speak by themselves….. * Todas las imágenes utilizadas por See Colombia con autorización del autor / All images […]

flamingos la guajira colombia

  Colombia is home to many incredible things: jaw-dropping scenery, gorgeous colonial architecture, some of the world’s best secluded beaches, but perhaps the greatest draw Colombia has is its unique flora and fauna. It is one of the world’s most bio diverse countries. However, it is Colombia’s remarkable birdlife which is the focus of this […]