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A year can be defined by a lot of things…jobs, travels, people, homes; but of course music is one of those things that always brings you back to a moment in time. In Colombia, there is no shortage of talent, flavor, creativity and passion when it comes to music. Since moving here at the beginning […]

Do you like Gilesy’s writing? If so, please take one minute to leave a comment of at least ten words here to help him win the award for best ex-pat blogger. Thanks! If I were to be glibly simplistic, as is my wont, I could say that Colombia is music; and it could be nearly as […]

Mustachio woman

Moustaches are amazing. It’s just a scientific fact. Colombia has a long and venerable history of recognising this iron-clad fact, and, in honour of Movember (which, we should remember, is first and foremost a charity event), it’s time to look at some representatives of the mighty ‘tache in our beloved Colombia: the good, the bad, and […]

A Sombrero Vueltiao

  Although everybody loves Colombia´s Caribbean coast (just check out last week´s gallery again if you yourself still don´t), sometimes I get the feeling that its inhabitants, generally referred to as Costeños, often get a raw deal. In particular, it sometimes appears that some residents of the two major Colombian cities, Bogota and Medellin, can sometimes […]