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Digital Nomads

With the transformation of work life from the office to remote, brought about by the 2020 pandemic, many countries have legally opened their doors to “digital nomads”. Today, in 2023, there are more than 40 countries that offer legal entry to this type of worker and many others are exploring this possibility for this year. In this article, we tell you how you can become a digital nomad and how you can access international travel insurance and a visa for these proposals 

What is a digital nomad?

Digital nomads are people who work online and, therefore, can work from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. This way of life has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially for the millennials and the generations that come after them. Working from the beach, the forest or the mountains is the dream of the new workers of the world and companies have found that efficiency has not been affected, in fact, in many cases, has improved, since people work from a comfortable and personal environment; without complying with dress codes or wasting hours in traffic to get to an office. 

What do you need to become a Digital Nomad?

We found that to be a digital nomad, a person must meet the following requirements. You must demonstrate a source of income (the amount varies depending on the country), if you are an employee, your contract needs to demonstrate that you can do remote work and the time you are and the duration must be as long as the time you are going to work in that country; Also international travel insurance is need; and a work visa, which allows you to reside in the country for an extended period of time. As we mentioned before, many countries already have their legislation visas for digital nomads, so applying for it is a really simple process if you have a source of income and travel insurance. 

International travel and tourism insurance

It is important to note that digital nomads traveling abroad often need to have international travel insurance. This type of insurance can cover medical expenses in case of emergency, lost luggage, and flight cancellations, among others. This is a mandatory requirement to apply for a Digital Nomad visa in all countries. Therefore, it is important to research and compares different travel insurance options before making a decision. In addition, it is advisable to carefully read the terms and conditions to ensure that the insurance covers all the specific needs of the digital nomad.

Digital Nomad Visa

A digital nomad visa is a type of visa that allows remote workers to live and work in a foreign country for an extended period of time. The concept of a digital nomad visa emerged in response to the growing number of people who work remotely and do not need to be physically present in their home country to do their jobs, and exponentially grown up after the two years of the pandemic 

Digital nomad visas are designed to attract remote workers and entrepreneurs to countries that want to encourage innovation and economic growth. These visas typically allow individuals to live and work in a foreign country for a period of several months to a year, and may also allow for multiple entries and exits.

In this first boom, European countries were the pioneers in exploring these options.

However, countries like Spain, Italy, and Portugal appear to be among the favorites of digital nomads, because these countries have a high quality of life and a pleasant climate, especially in the coastal regions. In addition, living costs in these countries are relatively low compared to other European countries, making them attractive destinations for digital nomads looking for a comfortable and affordable lifestyle.

Another factor that attracts digital nomads to these countries is their rich culture and history. Spain, Italy, and Portugal are countries with historic cities and towns, beautiful beaches, mountains, natural parks, and a wide variety of tourist attractions that offer a unique and enriching experience.

In addition, these countries have a good infrastructure for digital nomads, such as high-speed internet services, coworking spaces, and ex-pat communities that allow them to connect and work together with other digital nomads.

For people in LATAM, Spain has become the ideal place to migrate as a digital nomad because there are no language barriers. If you are looking to request the Spain digital nomad visa 2023, you can click on the link and read a complete guide and move forward with your dreams. 

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