May 23

Photo Gallery: Isla Mucura and Punta Faro

Isla Mucura


I was fortunate enough to spend the last few days enjoying the (many) delights of Colombia’s Caribbean coast on Isla Mucura, an island which makes up part of the San Bernando Archipelago. Along with nearby islands Tintipan and Santa Cruz del Islote, Mucura is one of 10 islands that make up the archipelago, and is a pretty wonderful place to while away a couple of sun-kissed days, whilst enjoying a variety of activities such as diving, snorkeling, sea-kayaking and wildlife-watching. My complete inability to stay still for more than an hour meant that I enjoyed all of these activities!

I’ll be bringing you a full trip report from Mucura next week, but for now here’s a photo gallery showing the beauty of Isla Mucura and Hotel Punta Faro, where I was fortunate enough to stay:


Isla Mucura Punta Faro
The sea-wall dividing Punta Faro’s aquarium with the Caribbean


Sea turtle Colombia
One of the aquarium’s residents


Hotel Punta Faro
The main building of Hotel Punta Faro


Beach Isla Mucura
Not a bad spot for a cocktail…


Speaking of which, La Chiva Viajera should really slow down...
Speaking of which, La Chiva Viajera should really slow down…


Isla Mucura sunset
Sunset from the beach


Isla Mucura Punta Faro beach
Enjoying the beautiful beach


Hope you enjoyed the photos, I certainly enjoying being there to take them! Keep your eyes peeled for next week’s trip report to find out more about this tropical paradise.



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