Nov 10

Graffiti in Getsemaní, Cartagena

graffiti getsemani cartagena


Getsemaní used to be known for very different things: this burgeoning Cartagena neighborhood of music, street-art, food and tourism was once a no-go area, famous for drugs and crime; far from the cultural epicenter of Cartagena that it now represents. With featured pieces about the area on Forbes and the NY Times (among many others), the secret that was Getsemaní is certainly out, but, as with many parts of Colombia, the individuality and spirit of the neighborhood remains intact. Travelers now come here for it’s affordable accommodation, excellent live music scene, and artistic community spirit. Much like La Candelaria in central Bogota, Getsemaní has shaken off it’s gritty reputation, and turned to street-art as a way of incorporating the voice of local residents and artists into the fabric and the narrative of the city streets. A walk around Getsemaní not only reveals beautiful cafes and bars, elegantly fading old colonial mansions, and a vibrant selection of people, but also a wonderful treasure trove of street-art. This work depicts all sorts of images and people; however, the street-art of Getsemaní is rooted in the costeno experience, with images of tropical scenes, palenqueras, and local flora and fauna in abundance. So when you pay a visit to Cartagena, make sure to get yourself out of the Walled City for at least an afternoon and pay a visit to Getsemaní. Here’s a photo gallery of the graffiti of Getsemaní to make you want to check it out for yourself:


Getsemani Graffiti Cartagena
A wonderful image of a common local bird, the Grackle


Getsemani Graffiti Cartagena
Getsemani’s graffiti is a part of daily life in the area nowadays


Getsemani Graffiti Cartagena
Work ranges from small tags to giant murals such as this one


Getsemani Graffiti Cartagena
Some pieces represents a stronger social commentary


Getsemani Graffiti Cartagena
While some depict iconic Cartagena images…


Getsemani Graffiti Cartagena
…or simply beautiful pieces of artwork


Getsemani Graffiti Cartagena
This one’s my favorite…


Getsemani Graffiti Cartagena
Although this is a close second!


Getsemani Graffiti Cartagena
OK, so I can’t pick a favorite…



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  1. Richard on

    Hi Chris! Im visiting Cartagena at the moment and im looking for wall to paint. Is it possible to get some official paper to paint in Gatsemani ? Our i just go and paint it ?
    King regards,Richard.


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