Oct 31

Bogotá Restaurant – La Mar Cebicheria

An impressive setting for Peruvian fare
An impressive setting for Peruvian fare. Image by serperuano.com

The closest Bogotá gets to the ocean are the regular downpours it receives throughout the year. So, when I was invited to head along to a Peruvian Cebicheria called La Mar in Usaquén, I was wondering about the quality of the seafood.

But after a quick Google about this Bogotá restaurant, just to check out what to expect, I was met with a list of reviews from satisfied seafood lovers who’d already noshed their way through the extensive Peruvian menu.

Created by Gastón Acurio, La Mar Cebicheria has been widely received across South and North America, with restaurants located in San Francisco, New York, Lima, Panama and Sao Paolo.

Bogotá’s cebicheria seats up to 380 patrons and people still line up out the door to get a table.  I visited on a Monday night, so while there were still many people, there wasn’t any fuss about getting a table.

An impressive façade welcomed us with high ceilings, a brickwork interior and huge windows looking out to Usaquén. La Mar is dimly lit and busy with waiters who walk around with purpose and urgency. We sat down and began looking through the menu.

La Mar Cebicheria, Usaquén
La Mar Cebicheria, Usaquén. Image by gastro-sophie.blogspot.com

I didn’t even bother to look past the cebiches – that’s what I was there for. I ordered the Cebiche Mixto ($28,800COL) which comes as either an entree or a main, and then we ordered Arroz con Mariscos ($32,800COL) and a Cebiche Vegetariano ($28,800COL) to share.

Vegetarian Cebiche? I hear you wonder. Yes.

And while yes ok it is a bit of an oxymoron, the care that was taken with the flavours and textures of this dish were a welcomed surprise. I would probably rate it over the Mixto actually. It’s a good option if you’re not into your raw seafood but La Mar also does steak, seared salmon, salads, desserts and they have a kids menu too.

With a menu dotted with crisp flavours, a hint of spice and a sour touch, it seems a piece of the Peruvian sea has arrived in Bogotá in the form of La Mar Cebicheria. A must visit while in Bogotá.

La Mar Cebicheria
Calle 119B # 6-01


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