Once upon a time guide books and websites suggested that people travelling around Colombia only jet around via plane. Buses, particularly at night, were a big no no. Now, things have changed and buses are all good in most areas. But, what mode of transport should you take while you’re travelling around Colombia? Bus or […]

When you arrive to Bogota, embarking on your vacation in Colombia, it could be easy to dismiss the idea of renting a car in Colombia as quickly as your first encounter with a taxi to your hotel. Taxis, buses and some cars skid around the streets with little regard for any resemblence of rules of […]

For those of us that live in relatively flat, urban areas, it’s easy to become complacent about transport. Cars, buses, bikes and walking rule the roost, and their authority isn’t questioned. In various parts of Colombia, however, drivers and transport experts are forced to use their initiative to deal with numerous variances, such as hills […]

In a world where the knowledge of different cultures is proliferating, there are still some small tics in each place you go that will catch you by surprise. Did you know, for example, that in Tibet it’s considered polite to stick out your tongue at a guest? Or that in Albania nodding your head means […]