Dec 31

Remembering 2014: See Colombia Travel’s Year Review

See Colombia Travel


2014 has been an amazing year for See Colombia Travel: our blog has had more visitors than ever before, with over 370,000 users logging on, and reading over 750,000 Colombia Travel Blog posts.We have had visitors from countries all over the world, logging on to experience the joys of Colombia. We had our best ever month in September, with over 68,000 sessions on the website! We can’t thank you enough for reading what we write about our beloved Colombia; if you didn’t enter that URL and log on then we wouldn’t be able to do this! So salud, and here’s to 2015!


Gabriel Garcia Marquez
El Gabo


To talk of 2014 in Colombia without acknowledging the sad passing of Gabriel Garcia Marquez in April would be an oversight; the great writer is an important part of Colombia’s national identity, and his loss was a profound blow to many Colombians. He has left behind a tremendous literary legacy, and will never be forgotten; seeing the breaking news of Gabo’s death is a moment that will define Colombia’s 2014 for better or worse. Once again, rest in peace maestro.


Travel in Colombia
Where we traveled in 2014…


2014 has also been a year of travel for See Colombia; within nuestra Colombia we have visited Medellin, Cartagena, Cali, Bucaramanga, San Gil, Barichara, Isla Mucura, Guatape, Salento, Minca, Santa Marta, La Guajira, and many, many more that would take too much time to list here (you’ll just have to read our blog post to find out the full details!). Seeing so much of the diversity of Colombia this year has truly reminded us why we all fell in love with this country in the first place; amazing people, gorgeous scenery, great (yeah, I said it!) food, and a real sense of adventure; Colombian travel has it all. Here’s to mush more in 2015…


Colombia Brazil World Cup
We believe!


If Gabo’s passing was Colombia’s moment of collective sadness, then the World Cup was a moment of national unity and celebration unsurpassed in Colombia this year. With the national team taking part in the tournament for the first time in 16 years, and boasting a darn good team to boot (pun very much intended), hopes were high in Colombia that they would improve on their best ever World Cup. Boy, did they! With storming wins over Greece, Ivory Coast, Japan, and Uruguay, and a close run quarter-final against Brazil, Colombia challenged the world’s misconceptions and did their country proud. Seldom has a World Cup seemed to mean more…and the parties certainly didn’t hurt!


James Rodriguez
Golden Boot Winner


And speaking of the World Cup…you didn’t think we’d forgotten this guy did you?! James Rodriguez was surely Man of the Year in Colombia in 2014: going into the World Cup, people though he might be one to watch…they were not wrong! A Golden Boot, Goal of the Tournament, and multi-million dollar move to Real Madrid later, and we can safely say it’s been James’ year. And it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy! The future of Colombian football for sure: bring on Russia!


Colombia Landscape
Tracey: our new intern


We’ve also welcomed some new faces at See Colombia this year; I took over as editor in February, and it has been wonderful being able to share my passion for Colombia with so many engaged and interested readers. We have also had two new interns over the course of the year; Jess was with us for a few months and wrote a number of funny posts, as well as getting our Instagram account going again, and Tracey is still with us, and continues to post thoughtful and interesting posts, including a number from out best of the year list. 

So here’s to 2015, I have a feeling it’ll be the best year yet! 



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