May 07

Colombia Photo Gallery: The Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Tributary


The Amazon rainforest is one of the world’s most important ecosystems, and a byword for adventure since it was first sailed by Europeans in 1541. The word ‘Amazon’ comes from the nation of all female warriors first described by Greek historian Herodotus; the first European to sail the river, Francisco de Orellana, claimed to have fought against a vicious tribe of female warriors, and thus gave the river and surrounding forest it’s mythical name.

The rainforest and river have attracted many people since in search of adventure and new experiences, and the Amazon basin continues to surprise us, with new discoveries being made every year. Colombia is fortunate enough to contain a large section of Amazon rainforest, and it is a popular place for travellers to visit. It remains one of the most exotic, exciting and photogenic places on earth.

So, following on from yesterday’s post about Puerto Narino in the Colombian Amazon, here are a selection of See Colombia’s best photos from our trip to the Amazon rainforest:


A stunning blue-and-yellow macaw


Giant Amazon Tree
The gigantic root system of a tree in the Amazon


Close up shot of a piranhas teeth


Swimming in Tarapoto Lake
A leap of faith into Tarapoto Lake – this is where the piranha was caught!


Tall tree Amazon
Huge trees like this one are a feature of the forest…


Baby Caiman
Getting up close and personal with a baby caiman


The Amazon River
The main channel of the mighty Amazon River


Hope you enjoyed the pictures; I certainly enjoyed taking them! If you have any questions about travelling to Colombia’s Amazon region, please get in touch. We’re always happy to help…



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