Rio Negro Manaos Brasil

En lengua indígena, Manaus significa “Madre de los Dioses”. Yo estoy convencida de que, también, es la ciudad de los ángeles. En esta oportunidad, 3 Travel Bloggers viajamos gracias a IHG y Avianca a un destino que nunca estuvo en mi radar. Juan de Acróbata del Camino, Ari mi querida Pequeña Comeflor, y yo, descubrimos […]

Caiman Colombian Amazon

  As I’m off on a little weekend jaunt to the Pacific coast jungles of Valle del Cauca this weekend, I though I would share with you all some of my best photos of the incredibly diverse selection of wildlife that can be found in the jungles of Colombia, particularly the Amazon rainforest…I really wish […]

Caiman Colombian Amazon

  Halloween is fast approaching; a night for spooky costumes, street parties and eating too many sweets! However, for plenty of people who are traveling, Halloween can end up being just another day: you’re staying in a hostel somewhere, maybe you don’t know anyone, and you can’t exactly fit that amazing Edward Scissorhands costume in […]

Amazon Tributary

  The Amazon rainforest is one of the world’s most important ecosystems, and a byword for adventure since it was first sailed by Europeans in 1541. The word ‘Amazon’ comes from the nation of all female warriors first described by Greek historian Herodotus; the first European to sail the river, Francisco de Orellana, claimed to […]

el cocuy colombia

Puedes encontrar la versión en español de este post aquí : I have been lucky enough to live and travel in many countries across the world. I spent 3 days in some, 6 weeks in others, and a year in a couple. I can honestly say however, that I have never left a country so […]

The Lost City, Colombia

Vendredi 27 septembre, le célèbre magazine de la découverte et de l’évasion, Faut Pas Rêver, a décidé de s’attaquer à la Colombie pour faire tomber les clichés négatifs qui planent. J’ai vraiment apprécié ce programme. On ne trouve que trop peu d’émissions parlant positivement de la Colombie sur les chaînes françaises, à mon grand regret. […]