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Colombia Group Tours 2014: another of my dreams comes true

Colombia Group Tours

Years ago, when I was working for a British Overland Tour Company, I was always bothered by one thing: every tour in South America seemed to skip my home country, Colombia. This bothered me quite a lot in fact, and was one of the reasons I first founded See Colombia Travel. We have since been able to share  the magic of Colombia with hundreds of travellers through our Colombian tours; however, I never stopped dreaming of the possibility of creating an affordable and practical group overland tour across my beautiful country. Finally I am able to share this dream with the world with See Colombia’s first Group Tours in 2014. Colombia Group Tours will offer the perfect opportunity to see Colombia in the way that I have always wanted to show it.

Most previous group tours in Colombia were designed without a real understanding of Colombia’s geography and therefore visitors spent far too much time sitting in buses, rather than enjoying the beauty of Colombia. It was important, therefore, to organise a trip which combined the best of Colombia’s destinations together to create an itinerary both diverse and practical. This tour has been organized by people with experience in travelling in Colombia, who have lived here, and understand the practicalities of travelling overland in this country. Not only that, but all of our transport is private (not always the case in overland tours), and more than 20 meals are included in the price. The graphic below explains the process of how we created our Colombia Group Tours, by considering what was most important to travellers visiting Colombia.


Group Tours in Colombia
Group Tours in Colombia: The beginning


Furthermore, it was essential to create a good balance between fixed activities and free time: no one enjoys being rushed around and pushed into activities which they’re not keen on. Our Group Tours in Colombia have a variety of set activities to enjoy, as well as plenty of free-time to relax and enjoy the scenery, or to engage in one of the optional extra activities which are on offer. These extras include biking, rafting, horse riding and wildlife-watching; so those guests who are a bit more hyperactive get to have a go at everything!

Our Group Tours in Colombia begin in Colombia’s capital city, the vibrant and culturally diverse Bogota, and ends in Cartagena, perhaps Colombia’s most iconic city, located on the beautiful Caribbean coast. Between these two destinations we will visit the green hills of the Coffee Region, staying in a traditional coffee finca in Armenia and enjoying the natural wonders of the Cocora Valley; following that we will spend some time in Medellin, ‘The City of Eternal Spring,’ and savour the spectacular scenery of Antioquia Department. The trip then heads to the Caribbean coast to enjoy the stunning beaches of Tayrona National Park, before heading inland to Mompos, a captivating colonial gem that time forgot. From there we will head to Cartagena, where the trip ends. However, should you feel that 18 days in Colombia is insufficient, we can offer multiple choice endings, which will allow you to stick around and enjoy Colombia even more.


Colombia Group Tours 2014
Seven fixed departures throughout 2014


Creating this Group Tour has long been a dream of mine, and it is a wonderful feeling that that dream is coming true in 2014. See Colombia Travel fixed departure group tours offer the perfect opportunity to get to know and experience the true diversity of my country, with a practical and well-organised itinerary, knowledgeable guides, and a wealth of exciting and varied activities.

For more detailed information about our Colombia Group Tours, as well as a complete day-to-day itinerary, see here.


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