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Q & A Fridays: One day in Medellin


Well, it’s that time of the week again for me to try and help out with some of the more pressing questions that are being asked out there on the internet. This week I’ll be looking at a question I got on Trip Advisor, where I’m a Destination Expert for many Colombian destinations.

The question was about spending one day – from 9am to 9pm – in Medellín. The only hard part is narrowing down all the options! So, here’s some information about Medellín, the City of Eternal Spring.

Plaza Botero, Medellín

Here’s my answer:

In my opinion, you should spend a night in Medellin, I’ve stayed in http://www.casakiwi.net/. I love it!

Medellin has loads of things to see and do. You can visit “Pueblito Paisa” which is on top of Nutivara hill from where you’ll have amazing views of the city and where there is a replica of what a little town’s main square would look like 100 year ago.

Another interesting trip is to take the MetroCable up to Santo Domingo, where again you’ll get amazing views of the city. What’s more impressive about it is that it joined the “favelas” to the city, giving the people that live there a better standard of life. If you get off the car at the top try to stay near as it is still one of the poorest areas of Medellin.

For lunch make sure you have a “bandeja paisa” which is a huge platter with red beans, rice, avocado, pork, sausages, fried egs and plantain. Make sure you are very hungry before going for lunch! Also try green mango with salt and lemon.

At night El Parque Lleras becomes the place to be. There are loads of restaurants and bars to go to. I’m sure at any hostel you stay in you’ll find someone to go to for a drink or two.

Have fun and enjoy Colombia!



And he reported back! Here’s what he had to say (edited a little for the sake of space!):

Thank you for suggesting that we spend the night in Medellin. It was great advice.

We arrived into Medellin from Bogota about 8:30am and into the hotel about 10am. We were tired but too pumped and had no time to waste. Our day started at 5:15am.

We took a cab to El Pueblito Paisa, had bandeja paisa for breakfast in one of the cute restaurants and was ready to walk around. The view from this area is beautiful. Great places for pictures. We didn’t get a chance to walk around the park area, but noticed a lot of people set out for the day for some serious walking and exercise. There is an area towards the back of the restaurant that has an overview of the city. This is where we went to get some awesome shots.

Next we took a cab to the Espana Library. This was one of my favorite buildings out of my whole trip to Colombia. Taking a cab verses the metro was perfect for us. We got to see the local streets and had fun going up the winding and weaving roads to our destination. If you take a cab, make sure to look around you and downward. You will be amazed at the steep hills coming up to the main road. At the library, we walked inside and out for about an hour. This was a nice spot for views from above looking into the city.

The view from the MetroCable of Biblioteca España, Medellín

After we were done we took the cable car up to the top, Park Arvi, and then all the way down to the Metro station. The ride down took maybe around 30 minutes. This is very picturesque. We were lucky to have such a beautiful clear day. Don’t miss the opportunity to take the cable car any part of the way. If I had more time I would have taken it again during sunset. It is a perfect way to see the city and the price is so reasonable. I am afraid of heights, but found this ride to be very stable and didn’t make me nervous at all. It is very efficient. The cable cars came like clock work. There was never a holdup in any of the stations.

Next we took the metro to the Botanical Gardens and had lunch here in the outdoor cafe. It was very simple and just what we needed for an extra energy boost. We walked around a bit and then headed back on the Metro to Museo de Antioquia and Plaza Botero. We walked around both and also to the museum across the way with the checkered exterior.

Afterward, we walked around the streets and joined in with the hustle and bustle of Medellin. Since our hotel was close by to El Poblado it was a short walk over. By now, we were dead tired, winding down and ready for a drink and dinner. We chose a restaurant off the square and had dinner while watching people enjoying activities of street vendors and people venturing into nearby bars and hotel. We were back to the hotel by midnight. Nightlife in Medellin will have to wait until next time.

It was a great day in Medellin!

So there we go. Thanks to Venice for his question and we hope all of you out there find it useful, too!


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    This is useful! We’re planning a Medellin trip in the near future. Thanks for the advice 🙂


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