Mar 29

Hidden Bogota: Parkway

Bogota is a city replete with international cuisine and attractive cafes to while away your time in. The most popular areas to find these places in area in the north of the city, around Zona Rosa and Parque 93, and downtown in the cobbled streets of La Candelaria. For the more adventurous, however, there’s plenty of other little areas to explore that boast restaurants and cafes in abundance. One such area is the little known region of Parkway.


Parkway begins around Calle 45 with Carrera 24, and stretches southwards to Calle 30. The area is dominated by a long, thin strip of park which is a great place for a midday stroll in the sun. Beyond the buildings that skirt the park there’s spectacular views of Bogota’s mountains, home of Monserrate, where clouds wrap themselves dramatically around the verdant peaks.

For the creatives amongst you, the real attraction of the area is on the strips adjacent to the park, where you’ll find smokey cafes almost permanently inhabited by an arty, bohemian crowd. You’ll catch conversations about Colombian culture; the magical-realism of Marquez, the experimentalism of Botero and the merits of post-acid jazz fusion. The cafes here display artworks (one cafe even has a gallery adjoined to it), play jazz and blues and generally offer top-notch food at reasonable prices. There’s also a handful of bookshops selling a selection of newly-released, popular fiction as well as more avant-garde and experimental works.

Parkway might not make it onto any popular list of must-visit areas in Bogota, but for a peaceful stroll in a distinctly artsy area, it’s a great place to explore and get to grips with Bogota’s alternative side.


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