Diving Colombia

  The wonders of Colombia aren’t just on dry land: the country boasts two separate coastlines, and a number of gorgeous islands and offshore natural reserves. All of this sea makes for some incredible diving experiences, and some fairly unique ones too. So, that being said, here are See Colombia’s Top 5 diving spots in […]

Cali Zoo

  Of all the stunning attractions that Colombia has to offer; snow-capped Andean peaks, verdant tropical rainforest, palm-fringed Caribbean beaches; the one I’m about to write about may seem a bit unlikely. However, the Cali Zoo is a wonderful place to visit on a trip to Colombia, and certainly a highlight of any visit to […]

Colombia is a land of incredible diversity, where mountains jut up in the centre of cities and jungles line the bottoms of snow-capped mountains. There are few places in the world with such a dizzying mishmash of landscapes and wildlife, making travel to Colombia an unforgettable experience (even if it’s unlikely you’ll manage to see […]

The Amazon holds a special place in the adventurer’s mind: incredible wildlife, endless river, spectacular jungles, creatures you never knew existed… Colombia Travel Blog is excited to bring you today some photos from this unforgettable area in Colombia. Amazon travel in Colombia is particuarly special since it’s in Colombia that the river ends, and also […]