A Sombrero Vueltiao

  Although everybody loves Colombia´s Caribbean coast (just check out last week´s gallery again if you yourself still don´t), sometimes I get the feeling that its inhabitants, generally referred to as Costeños, often get a raw deal. In particular, it sometimes appears that some residents of the two major Colombian cities, Bogota and Medellin, can sometimes […]

Cartagena's enchanting streets

  Just like the lovely Canucks in that ad (you know the one I mean), I’ve often had the sensation that Cartagena is a city built on its stories. And these stories are worthy of the world’s greatest magical realist. If you don’t believe me, please read Love in the Time of Cholera. A 250-word […]

You may remember a while ago on our humble Colombia Travel Blog that our beloved JL posted something about the potential for tourism in Colombia, and the need for an identifiable icon for Colombia. Well today we’re focusing on icons too, but in a completely different way. From dancing queens to the just plain mean, […]

As a former student of English Literature, my appetite for books verges on voracious. From the confusing absurdism of Samuel Beckett to the meandering imagery of Gabriel Garcia Marquez to the gritty realism of Raymond Carver, I often like to enjoy a good wander through the corners of some of our great writer’s minds. Unfortunately […]