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  Colombia is fast becoming a backpacker paradise, as word spreads about the country’s diversity, friendliness and increasing openness. And where there are backpackers, there are hostels. Colombia has hundreds of hostels, so it’s a tough call to narrow it down to a list of 5, but we love a challenge here at See Colombia, […]

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* La foto del encabezado corresponde a la suite principal un hotel de 4 estrellas en Colombia (Cartagena)  Ya nos hemos referido en anteriores ocasiones a como uno de los principales problemas de la industria turística colombiana, junto con no saber muchas veces diferenciar las necesidades del mercado externo comparadas con el local en términos […]

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Although the situation has improved a lot in the past few years, the hotel industry in Colombia is, in many aspects, still in its infancy. This is particularly owing to a blurry set of rules regarding the stars rating, and the local widespread – and mistaken- perception that any property that bears less than four […]