Popayan Colombia

  Popayan is well-known in Colombia for it’s gorgeous colonial architecture, UNESCO-recognized gastronomic culture, and it’s famous Easter celebrations. The capital of Cauca department is a small city, with less than 300,000 residents, but what it lacks in size it  more than makes up for in charm and beauty. So here’s a photo gallery of […]

Puracé National Park Colombia

  The city of Popayan, capital of Cauca department, is famous for many things: it’s gastronomy, gorgeous whitewashed walls, UNESCO status. What fewer people know though, is that Popayan is surrounded by stunning scenery, fascinating cultural heritage and wonderful wildlife. There are several excellent day-trips that can be made from the white city, and ranking […]

  For our 2 week Caribbean coast itinerary: click here We recently published a post detailing a dream 2 week beach holiday itinerary for anyone visiting Colombia; now, there’s so much more to this country than just sunny, sandy beaches, so we thought we’d bring you some more itineraries to suit specific interests. As with […]

Cucunuba, Cundinamarca

Here at See Colombia Travel, we spend a lot of time banging on about the beauty and charm of Colombia’s many fascinating colonial towns. Sure, Villa de Leyva’s cobbled square and quaint streets have rightly made it one of Colombia’s main tourist destinations. Barichara’s red roofs and abundance of pretty churches make it an obvious […]

San Agustin archaeological park

  South America contains many archaeological treasures: lost cities hidden deep in the jungle, gigantic figures etched into the desert, a glittering array of gold and silver; but in the fertile green hills of southern Colombia is one ancient archaeological site which few people outside the country are aware of. San Agustín is a pretty, coffee-producing town in the […]

  I have now been living in Colombia long enough that my family and friends are no longer simply curious about Colombia but genuinely interested. In fact, this interest culminated in a number of members of my family coming out to spend a couple of weeks here. I spent far too much time trying to […]