Traveller v Tourist

  Recently a new meme has been doing the rounds on social media: a series of split-screen images showing the purported differences between ‘tourists’ and ‘travelers’ – a selfie-stick sporting tourist on one side, and a traveler on the other, aiming their camera outwards; a traveler relaxing in a hammock, while the tourist checks into […]

We Believe

  The World Cup will end on Sunday with the final game between Germany and Argentina in the Maracana in Rio de Janeiro. It’s been an amazing tournament, full of entertainment and excitement, particularly for fans of Colombia. It was a great ride, with La Seleccion making all the way to the quarter finals (for […]

Sofia Vergara

There are many reasons to love Colombia, but the one that always comes back is “the people”. One of Colombia’s most famous people is Sofia Vergara, and today is her birthday. So let’s celebrate Sofia on her special day. She’s not afraid to show her emotions. She’s not afraid to sing in public, despite *that* voice. […]