Termales del Ruiz Manizales (Photo: Ferney Salgado)

  I have just returned from a fantastic blog trip to Manizales with the ‘Corporacion para el Fomento del Aviturismo en Colombia’, where we visited some wonderful examples of the stunning natural wonders to be found in the outskirts of the city, in the Caldas countryside. We spent one great day high up in the paramo of […]

Casa Elemento Minca Colombia

  Following on from yesterday’s post about Casa Elemento hostel in Minca, which I declared has the best hostel view in Colombia, I got to thinking about what it is that makes a really great hostel…sure, there’s things like value for money, good service and an easy booking procedure, but these are standard requirements in […]

La Casa Amarilla Mompos

  Colombia is fast becoming a backpacker paradise, as word spreads about the country’s diversity, friendliness and increasing openness. And where there are backpackers, there are hostels. Colombia has hundreds of hostels, so it’s a tough call to narrow it down to a list of 5, but we love a challenge here at See Colombia, […]

Categorias de hoteles en Colombia

* La foto del encabezado corresponde a la suite principal un hotel de 4 estrellas en Colombia (Cartagena)  Ya nos hemos referido en anteriores ocasiones a como uno de los principales problemas de la industria turística colombiana, junto con no saber muchas veces diferenciar las necesidades del mercado externo comparadas con el local en términos […]