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Caño Cristales

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Caño Cristales


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Caño Cristales

South of the Sierra de la Macarena mountain range gurgles one of the world´s most unique and awe-inspiring rivers. Caño Cristales consists of spectacular rock formations, waterfalls, and the “Macarenia Clavijera” – an aquatic plant that gives this river its outrageous colours, and you the chance to take photos that are out of this world.

The Sierra de la Macarena has long been subject to isolation and its precious habitats seriously threatened by human activity and conflict. Currently, La Macarena and its amazing river is part of the country’s consolidation program that seeks economic and social integration through different incentives, investments and educational processes.

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Day 1

Travel from Bogotá – Villavicencio by land (3 hours). Flight from Villavicencio – La Macarena (1 hour on average). Lunch in the village of La Macarena or at the campsite, which is around 2km outside the village. If there is enough time in the afternoon we offer a small tour on the river Guayabero. Another option for an afternoon activity is a visit to the viewpoint of the region or a visit to the river Cristalito. It is mandatory to stay in the village or nearby in order to avoid any destruction of the river banks and the surroundings of Caño Cristales.

Day 2

Early in the morning we will head to our main destination – Caño Cristales. In order to get there first we will navigate on the river Guayabero for about 15 min, then we ride a car for about 20 min and finally the last 1,5 km should be done on foot because cars do not have direct access to the river. During the day we will be trekking on the banks of Caño Cristales (5-7 hours – time spent visiting different places on the river, enjoying the waterfalls, swimming, resting and lunch).

Day 3

Day 3 is similar to Day 2, the difference is that each day we visit another river branch.

In each tour to the river we visit the most iconic locations.

Day 4

The day we travel back to Bogotá. Flight from La Macarena to Villavicencio followed by land transportation from Villavicencio to Bogotá.

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