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Immediately upon exiting Bogota airport we realized that it was true: Colombians are very probably the kindest people on earth. Our experience was like this for the rest of the trip ......

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Colombia Travel Information

Electricity: Colombia uses 110 volts AC (60 Hz) and most of the sockets are for appliances using 2 flat pin plugs. In some rural areas you’ll find sockets for 2 round plugs. You can buy an adapter at a local shop and shouldn’t cost more than US$1.5 (COP$3,000).

Calling to and from Colombia.:For incoming calls Colombia’s country code is +57.

There is a wide network of public phones from which you can make local and international calls. Also you’ll find Internet and Call Shop Centers at all major and small towns around the country from where you can communicate with the world. There are 2 major carriers to make both national and international calls and their connecting numbers are 9 or 7.

To make international calls dial 00 + 7 or 9 + country code + area code + number. For example calling a UK mobile would be 00 + 7 + 44 + 7788723728.

For national calls dial 0 + 7 or 9 + city code + number.

To make calls from a land line to a mobile phone dial 03 + 10 digit mobile number, for example 03 + 3117892000. Calling from a mobile to a land line you must dial 03 + city code + number.

City codes:

  • Bogota: 1
  • Cali: 2
  • Medellin: 4
  • Armenia/Manizales/Pereira: 6
  • Cartagena: 5
  • Bucaramanga 7:


Colombia local time is GMT – 6, the same as New York and Lima. For more info check


Always check the bill first as there is a 10% suggested tip that is normally added to the total. If you are not happy with the service feel free to get it removed or changed.

Post and Parcels

We suggest using Servientrega and Deprisa for both national and international documents, parcels and money transfers. International currier companies such as DHL and Fedex also have offices in all major cities of Colombia.


Police emergency number is 112 from any phone (mobile or land line). The Colombia Police Force is generally helpful and accommodating with tourists. If you ever get into trouble never try to bribe a Police officer, especially women as it is against the law and they may double your fine or even send you to a local police station. Use pedestrian roads and high pedestrian passes; if you are caught crossing a road where the pedestrian passing is within 100 meters you will get a pedestrian fine and will be sent to a two hour course in Spanish. In the unlikely event that a police suggest that a fine should be paid, be patient, apologize and most likely you will be left to go.

Embassies and Consulates

For full details with address and contact numbers check

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