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Immediately upon exiting Bogota airport we realized that it was true: Colombians are very probably the kindest people on earth. Our experience was like this for the rest of the trip ......

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About Us

From passionate Colombians to former world-trailing backpackers, the See Colombia Travel team is comprised of people from all over the world and all backgrounds that have one thing in common: a passion for Colombia.

Our job as the number one Colombian travel agency is to ensure your vacation to Colombia is unforgettable. We promise to do everything to ensure your complete enjoyment and satisfaction here. We also promote sustainability, providing opportunities for travelers and locals to coexist with Colombia’s precious nature.

Marcela Mariscal - Manager

Our leader and inspiration, Marcela is a proud Colombian that has seen more of the world than most. Having lived in England for 10 years, Marcela fell in love with the travel industry working for an overland tour operator in Egypt. After a month’s traveling in the Middle East, Marcela found herself in Lima, following her dream, working whilst travelling as a tour leader in the whole of South America. For the past 4 years, Marcela has been planning and working to bring her greatest dream to life, to find a team to show Colombia off. That team, of course, is See Colombia Travel, the number one Colombian tour operator in the world.


Marcela’s favorite destination: Medellin
Marcela’s favorite tour: The Best of Colombia
Marcela’s favorite hotel: BH El Poblado

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JL Pastor - Marketing Manager

Our Communications Manager, a self proclaimed citizen of the world, was born in Peru and raised in a number of different countries, including Angola, Thailand and Iceland. This instilled a deep love of travel and cultural diversity, as well as a few languages to boot. With an extensive education in Marketing and Communications, JL spent the last 6 years of his life setting up and co-owning one of the most important incoming tour operators in Latin America. Then, as so many do, he fell in love with Colombia and realized this was where he finally wanted to set up shop and lay down his hat. He hasn’t looked back since.


JL’s favorite destination: Tayrona National Park
JL’s favorite tour: Colombia Essentials
JL’s favorite hotel: Tayrona Ecohabs

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Zoraida Caicedo - Operations Supervisor

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Zoraida is a Colombian who is passionate about her country and eager to share this with the rest of the world.

Zoraida’s favorite destination: Bogota
Zoraida’s favorite tour: Discover Bogota and El Dorado’s Secret
Zoraida‘s favorite hotel: BH La Quinta Hotel

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Paul Fowler - Digital Content Manager

Paul is much more than just our English tea supplier. Our London-born Digital Content Manager fell in love with travelling as a youngster in Spain, and his travels throughout Eastern Europe during his university years only served to reinforce his wanderlust. After working for a charity while living in London, Paul relocated to South America where he worked in Buenos Aires before moving to Colombia. Paul’s passion for writing, his creative flair and his skill with online marketing make him the perfect guy to help us spread the word about travel to Colombia.


Paul’s favorite destination: Cartagena
Paul‘s favorite tour: Colombia from the Andes to the Caribbean
Paul‘s favorite hotel: Casa Lola Hotel

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Azzam Alkadhi - Product Manager

Azzam was born and bred in London to Iraqi parents, so was exposed to new cultures from a young age. His love for discovering new lands and learning about people only grew over the years and culminated in his first solo trip when he was 18 and he decided to travel around Latin America. Since then he has lived in a number of countries, picking up a few languages on the way, before finally settling on Bogota. He has spent time working as a journalist and copywriter and enjoys nothing more than combining his two great passions, travel and writing.


Azzam’s favorite destination: Colombia Coffee Triangle
Azzam’s favorite tour: Colombia Coffee Triangle Tour
Azzam’s favorite hotel: Bantu Hotel

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Paul Giles - Travel Writer

Born in Papua New Guinea, Paul spent his childhood in various small country towns in Australia, before heading to Sydney to study his first love, poetry. His second great love, that of travel,  then led him back and forth from Australia and New Zealand through Asia, while based in South Korea. What he thought was a brief holiday quickly saw him firmly ensconced in the Colombian way of life, which has also become a strong influence on his writing.

Paul’s favorite destination: Tayrona
Paul‘s favorite tour: Colombia from the Andes to the Caribbean
Paul‘s favorite hotel: La Serrana Hostel, Salento


Top 10 Reasons to Choose See Colombia Travel

Colombia is Our Passion

At See Colombia Travel we firmly believe that if you want to be successful in what you do, you have to find your passion in life. Our passion is this: to let the world know what an unbelievable destination Colombia is. Through our tours you’ll be a first-hand witness to Colombian hospitality and joyfulness, just two of the characteristics that make our country unique. At the end of your trip we want you, our passengers, to be the best ambassadors in our mission of spreading the word about Colombia’s beauty.

More Than 20 Years in Business

The backbone of our operations team consists of a group of well-established Colombian travel professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the business that know Colombia, its particularities and all local providers inside out. This wealth of first-hand experience, combined with the international travel expertise of our sales and marketing team, gives us a clear vision on how to create the best Colombia Tours and being able to deliver exactly what our passengers want.

Yes, the Only Risk Will Be Wanting to Stay

We acknowledge the fact that Colombia has had a bad reputation of being an unsafe destination for years. The fact is that, as with any other destination in the world, Colombia has places that you must go to and some that you should avoid. As seasoned travelers in and around Colombia, we make sure that all our tours and destinations are conceived and selected having that in mind. Our sales and operations teams are regularly checking all routes to ensure we have up to the minute information on what is going on all through out the country ensuring that we will only offer tours to destinations that will make you want to come back for more.

Unbeatable Price/Quality Ratio

Why are our prices so good? Our operations team has been around for more than 20 years, going through some of the most difficult episodes of our recent history, when travelling to Colombia from abroad was unheard of. Throughout all these years our team has stood by the local businesses and created strong bonds with them. Now that Colombia is a hot spot in the travel map we’re able to offer you the best deals directly, saving you time and money by cutting any intermediaries.

Part of Your Money Ends Up in the River

For decades Bogota River has been one of the most polluted rivers in Colombia, representing a serious health hazard to the unprivileged people that live at its shores and also becoming a growing ecological menace. Several efforts have been made to salvage its waters, and transform it into a clean and navigable river. Through Rio Urbano Foundation (a Waterkeepers International member), See Colombia Travel helps create awareness and develop policies to change this situation. A percentage of our profit in every package goes to support this effort.

100% Flexible, 100% Tailor Made

At See Colombia Travel we have carefully designed some of the best tours that you could take in Colombia, all of them 100% customizable. You can modify your trip as much as you want, add or take days, destinations or activities. We’ll be with you along every step of the process perfecting your Colombia trip until we find the one that best fits your needs and dreams. If you‘ve heard or read about any destination or activity in Colombia that you don’t find in our website, contact us and we will help you create your Colombian Adventure from scratch and tailor it as much as you need.

We Specialize in Colombia and Colombia Only

We are convinced that to truly master something you have to focus on it. See Colombia Travel specializes in providing the best information and services to help you make the most of your Colombian experience. We are friends with many South America travel companies and we can recommend you to the best, but when it comes to Colombia we´re confident no one knows more than See Colombia Travel.

We Are Travelers Like You

We base our service level in our first-hand experience, making sure that you are looked after in the same manner we’d like to be looked after when we travel abroad. Armed with the knowledge that Colombia is just recently becoming a fast growing travel destination, our efforts reside not only within our own team, but also in advising and assisting our providers in offering services in Colombia to international standards.

24/7 Assistance

The title says it all! Our team is not only available for you during the process of designing and booking your tour, but we’ll also be in constant contact with you during your trip. Your travel advisor will be just one phone call or e-mail away from you, making your trip as smooth as possible. So, if you feel like extending your stay in any of our destinations, or want to do an extra activity, all you have to do is give us a call or send as an e-mail and we´ll be happy to organise everything for you.

Colombian Heart, International Team

We are a team of Colombians and lovers of Colombia that are not only passionate about this beautiful country, but also about traveling. Every single member of our team is a professional traveler that speaks your language, understands how international travelling standards should be and tops that with a real, working knowledge of Colombia. We have in our hearts the desire to show you Colombia, and in our minds a dedication to doing it in the most efficient and trouble-free manner possible.

Our Promise

Welcome to See Colombia Travel, your number one resource for vacations to Colombia. We are a team of international experts boasting vast experience of traveling the world, and we’re here to help you discover the treasures of our beloved Colombia.

At See Colombia Travel all our Colombia tours are tailor-made. We’re determined to ensure your experience is 100% to your liking. Colombia is a stunningly varied country boasting idyllic beaches, lost cities asleep in the mountains and, of course, coffee galore in its bustling city-centers.

Whatever you’re looking for from your Colombia vacation, we’re here to guide you and ensure your trip is up to our highest standards of safety, value and quality. We’re sure that once you’ve been to Colombia, like us, you’ll want to spread the word about this fantastic, diverse country.