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When to go to Colombia

Colombia is more or less a year-round destination, so when to go to Colombia is a relatively easy question to answer. This is thanks to its position on the equator and, therefore, its regular and relatively predictable climate. The main tourist cities (Bogotá, Cartagena and Medellín) have almost exactly the same weather all year round, aside from the occasional rainy period that is usually offset by a decent amount of sunshine anyway. As for cultural events, Colombia abounds with festivals, events, concerts and much, much more. From Medellín’s Feria de Las Flores to Rock Al Parque in Bogotá to Barranquilla’s infamous Carnival, you’re bound to find something special happening in a country that’s full of life, colour and action all year round. What follows is a list of seasons, important dates and things you shouldn’t miss when coming to Colombia. Seasons are:

  1. Easter (holy week) in April or March, high.
  2. December 1st to 15th medium, December 16th to January 15th, high.
  3. Middle of July to end of August, high.
  4. Bank holidays. There are 16 – 3 day religious and civil holidays, some of which may vary from year to year.


  • January 1st New Year´s.
  • January 6th Epiphany (moved to the following Monday).
  • March 19th San José (moved to the following Monday).
  • May 1st Christ Ascension Day (moved to the following Monday).
  • May 15th Corpus Christi (moved to the following Monday).
  • Jun 29th Saints Peter & Paul..
  • August 15th Our Lady’s Asuncion (moved to the following Monday).
  • November 1st All Souls Day (moved to the following Monday)
  • December 8th Blessed Virgin.
  • December 25th Christmas.


  • May 1st Work Day
  • June (variable)* Sacred Heart
  • July 20th Independence Day
  • August 7th Boyacá´s Battle
  • October 12th Race Day (moved to the following Monday)
  • November 11th Cartagena Independence Day ( moved to the following Monday)

There are several celebrations and festivals throughout the year:

Carnaval de Blancos y Negros en Pasto, Nariño. Dec/Jan

A yearly celebration remembering the freedom of black slaves back in the sixteen century, when following the struggle supported by the Franciscan Saint Pedro Claver all black African slaves gained their freedom. http://www.carnavaldepasto.org/

Feria de Manizales, Caldas

January. An international fair framed by a beauty contest in which many countries’ beauty representatives compete for the crown. The main attraction of the contest side-line is a bull fight in the main arena of the city. http://www.feriademanizales.gov.co/

Carnaval de Barranquilla, Atlantico

February. After the famous Rio Carnival, this one comes a close second. Very similar in many ways, this Carnival also gathers thousands of street dancers parading in the most colourful costumes conceivable. Lasting 4 days and nights this is perhaps the liveliest festival in the country. http://www.carnavaldebarranquilla.org/previo/default.html

Festival Internacional de Teatro de Bogota, C/MARCA

Every two years, Easter week MARCH/APRIL 2010 Founded by a famous Colombian actress and drama director, this International Theatre Festival is similar in many ways to the one in Edinburgh and has become the most reputed festival of its kind in Latin America. http://www.festivaldeteatro.com.co/

Festival de la Leyenda Vallenata en Valledupar, Cesar

End of April. The popular Vallenato music which originates from this area of Colombia is celebrated every year, during a festival in which the country’s best accordion player is crowned as king for a year. http://www.festivalvallenato.com/

Reinado Nacional del Bambuco en Neiva, Huila

June Also a beauty contest, with international candidates this folkloric music and dance festival sees the whole city take to the streets dancing and playing typical instruments from this musical region of the country. http://www.festivalvallenato.com/

Festival Folclorico de Ibague, Tolima.

June/July. A Music Festival showing beautiful music masterpieces from different famous and new young composers and interpreters. The province of Tolima of which Ibague is the Musical Capital has been privileged with composers and singers of this most typical Colombian music. http://www.festivalfolclorico.com/

Feria de las Flores de Medellin, Antioquia

August/September The city of Medellin, also called the “City of Eternal Spring” hosts this blindingly colourful three-day flower parade that sees numerous flower displays and contests. http://www.feriadelasfloresmedellin.gov.co/

Feria de Cali, Valle del Cuaca

31st December. Similar to the Manizales fair and to other international beauty contests in Colombia, this Cali festival of bull fighting and beauty queens will be followed by a colorful horse-riding parade through the main streets.

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