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Cartagena Hotels

Cartagena is Colombia’s tourism centre and home to a burgeoning, sophisticated tourism industry.  As such, Cartagena hotels are among the most varied and beautiful in the country. It’s easy to see why the city is so popular with tourists; Cartagena boasts a colourful, intriguing history and it effortlessly blends the modern Bocagrande with the beautiful, colonial streets of the Old City. Cartagena hotels reflect these different faces of the city, with sky scraping, modern-style hotels dominating the skyline in the city’s newest areas, and boutique hotels brimful of character dotting the streets of the Old City. To make your decision a little easier, here are some of our recommended Cartagena hotels.

Tres Banderas Hotel

Tres Banderas Hotel sits unassumingly on one of Cartagena’s trademark cobblestone streets. Architecturally it retains the theme so prevalent in Cartagena: beautiful, colorful colonial buildings with traditional balconies and large, wooden doors. Located near a leafy plaza with a host of great restaurants, it’s brilliantly situated for those wishing to explore the Old City from […]

Arsenal Hotel

A few blocks away from Cartagena’s iconic and enchanting Old City, Hotel Arsenal is well located near the striking convention centre and one of Cartagena’s most famous restaurants, La Cocina de Socorro. Arsenal Hotel is also located near a selection of bars and restaurants for you to sample. Arsenal Hotel is a chic, modern choice that […]

Cartagena Plaza Hotel / All Inclusive

Cartagena Plaza Hotel is located in the Bocagrande area of Cartagena, a modern region with plentiful restaurants, cafes and shops; it contrasts well with the Old City. Access to the historic, mesmerising Old City is extremely easy, meaning you can see all the most important sites Cartagena has to offer and, yet, still explore the […]

San Pietro

San Pietro Hotel has an emphatically loyal clientele. Those who stay here often come back for more of its unique charm, finding it irresistibly quirky. The service is excellent and the rooms are well-sized and comfortable. San Pietro Hotel boasts a jacuzzi on the building’s ceiling where you can sip delicious fruit juices in the […]

Capilla del Mar Hotel

In the Bocagrande region of Cartagena, sky-scraping hotels are somewhat common place. It’s an extremely modern area with good access to the Old City, as well as access to extremely modern restaurants and shops in the local area. Capilla del Mar Hotel is one of the longest-standing and best its type in the city, and […]

Casa Lola

Like Cartagena, the town it’s housed in, Casa Lola is an enchanting, unique boutique hotel to stay in, that’s guaranteed to charm guests. As soon as you set foot in the hotel you’ll be taken aback by its quirky design; contemporary bohemia blends effortlessly with traditional elegance, creating a unique, artistic atmosphere. The rooms are […]

Casa de Las Tres Palmas Hotel

Casa de Las Tres Palmas Hotel, like many of the hotels in Cartagena’s Old City, is located in a charming, historic colonial building. This imbues with a sense of tradition and elegance that makes stays that extra bit more special. Casa de Las Tres Palmas Hotel has a beautiful, traditional Spanish courtyard perfect for relaxing in, […]

Bantú Hotel

Bantú Hotel is an elegant, classy hotel situated in a very desirable location in the centre of Cartagena’s enchanting Old City. As with many hotels in Cartagena, Bantú Hotel is found in a beautiful colonial building, fully in-keeping with the city itself. The interior of the Bantú Hotel makes it one of the most unforgettable accommodation […]

Santa Clara Sofitel Hotel

Santa Clara Sofitel Hotel is situated right in the heart of the Old City and, as such, is in a privileged position for those wishing to explore the historical sites of one of South America’s most important and beautiful destinations. On your doorstep you’ll find a selection of fine-dining options, as well as easy access to […]

Las Americas Hotel

Las Americas Hotel is situated on the coast of Cartagena, meaning many rooms look out onto the Caribbean sea in spectacular fashion. The hotel is large and spacious, boasting room for a variety of different tourists, including families. There’s plenty to do for children, including a water-slide, a variety of pool areas and mini-golf. Each […]

Delirio Hotel

Delirio Hotel is an award-winning hotel located in the heart of Cartagena’s Old City. From the hotels premises you can view the city’s spectacular church and have easy access to some of the city’s most beautiful walks. The Delirio Hotel is an experience unto itself and for those looking to stay in Cartagena in luxury […]

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