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Immediately upon exiting Bogota airport we realized that it was true: Colombians are very probably the kindest people on earth. Our experience was like this for the rest of the trip ......

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See Colombia Travel Testimonials

I plan trips to Latin America every year and take care of most of the details myself. However, there are some things that are difficult for me to plan prior to arriving to the destination. For these things I like to use a local travel company. I decided to use See Colombia Travel because they were recommended and were also the best at answering my initial questions. I worked with Marcela the whole time.

Upon arrival in Cartagena, our hotel did not have a travel service, so I arranged a service through See Colombia Travel. I did this because there were 9 people in our group and I did not want to deal with taxis upon our arrival. The driver was waiting for us at the airport and quickly took us to our hotel. Great service!

For hotel accommodations in Cartagena, I went with Tres Banderas, who Marcela recommended. We stayed there 3 nights and everything was wonderful. I highly recommend this hotel. They have the nicest employees of any place I have ever stayed in the world. They also have a nice sister hotel on Tierra Bomba where we spent the day in the pool, on the beach, and had a delicious local lunch.

I wanted to spend two nights within the National Park Tayrona, but needed nice accommodations because I was traveling with my grandparents. For this reason we decided on the Eco Habs. It is not a cheap place to stay, but amazing, and in my opinion, worth the money when you compare to the other options within the park. Facilities were great, food was delicious, and the staff was wonderful. Views of the ocean from your bedroom, surrounded by rainforest, and a very short walk down to two beautiful beaches. Marcela arranged our transportation to the Eco Habs from Cartagena. She also booked the Eco Habs for us and then arranged the transportation from the Eco Habs to the Santa Marta airport.

Overall we had a wonderful experience in Colombia and this was definitely boosted due to the great service of See Colombia Travel. For anyone planning a trip to Colombia, I would highly recommend you contact this service.

- Jared Bundra and Family
A typical sunny September Phoenix afternoon. As usual my radio was tuned to 91.5 FM as navigated the freeway home from my Tempe workplace. But the story set off instant alarms!

They were interviewing someone from Colombia about one of the weirdest tours I’d ever heard of: the Pablo Escobar Tour. Hosted in Medellin, they take tourists to places of significance to the most notorious drug lord of all time, including the rooftop where he was killed by government officials …..

Who WERE these people? They obviously loved their country and were passionately promoting tourism in Colombia–the Pablo Escobar tour was a unique aspect, but only a small part of what these people were about. I caught the name See Colombia Travel and Googled them as soon as I got home.

A few hours later I emailed them and began planning my Colombia itinerary.

Colombians LOVE their country, and for good reason. Colombia has a lot going for it. Home to more bird species than any other country on Earth, the landscape is varied and remarkably beautiful. Its citizens and government steadfastly preserve this natural resource; they rank as ecologically aware as U.S. citizens in Oregon and Washington state. Perhaps even more so–tourist sites are far less commercialized than those you’ll encounter in the United States. “Going green” seems to run within the genes of Colombians.

The people are incredibly friendly. I especially found this in Medellin (which ranked as the most violent city in the world two decades ago). They actually promote “smiling” as you ride their magnificent metro system, and this has positive effects that spread across the area.

I’m posting this to vouch for the Colombians who absolutely love their country. It’s definitely worth a visit… and I recommend bumping Colombia up on your future travel list.

- John Nesbit
Arizona, U.S
We spent 16 nights in Colombia visiting Bogota, Armenia, Cartagena and Tayrona.  See Colombia Travel made everything extremely easy and it was great to know we always had someone on the end of the phone if we needed support, or even just to check departure times with.  We’ve both travelled on tours and independently before, but this was a nice middle ground – the convenience of having transfers and accommodation pre-arranged, the benefit of local guides as well as free time to spend how you like and total flexibility of itinerary.
Sara was great at helping to build an itinerary with us, incorporating our ideas as well as making suggestions.  The hotels we stayed in we’re all great – clean and of a higher quality than we necessarily expected.  Our local guides were extremely knowledgable, friendly and helpful.
Overall we’d certainly recommend using  See Colombia Travel and visiting Colombia in general – it is a beautiful, diverse country and extremely safe for tourists.  There are doubtless cheaper ways to visit, but you certainly get value for money with See Colombia Travel.
- Rich and Claire
Thank you so much Marcela and See Colombia Travel team for arranging an amazing trip through Colombia!

We have visited so many beautiful highlights, from natural wonders such as Cocora Valley and Parque Nacional Tayrona, to bustling cities such as Bogotá and Medellín, from authentic tranquil villages like Jardin and Villa de Leyva to a one-of-a-kind coffee experience in the Coffee Triangle. Colombia is definitely the undiscovered pearl of South America, it`s variety in landscapes, it`s pureness and the warmth of the Colombians gives the country a unique character. The haciendas, fincas and hotels chosen by See Colombia Travel perfectly suited our wishes. The guides we worked with are great representatives of their country, professional, knowledgeable and very passionate. During our inspectiontrip we also encountered flexibility to change things whenever necessary. The nearly (even they have to sleep ;-) 24/7 assistance was of great value.

We truly recommend See Colombia Travel to anybody who is planning a trip to Colombia. They are very well capable of creating a unique carefree travel experience with lasting memories.

We can`t wait to show our clients the beauty of Colombia. Vamos!

- Gabor Marges & Marieke Bouman
The Netherlands