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Tayrona National Park to close for a month

Tayrona Park Closed


Once again the decision has been taken by the Colombian National Park service to close the most popular of their sites, Tayrona National Park, for a month. After previously closing the park for a month in November of 2015 after local indigenous groups, who consider the park to be sacred, requested that it be closed off for ecological, environmental and spiritual healing.

This time the park will close on January 28 and remain closed for one month until the end of February. Tayrona will reopen on March 1. As before, not even employees of the park will be allowed access to Tayrona during the month in question; only members of these Indigenous groups, of whom several families live permanently within the park.


Cañaveral Tayrona Colombia
Tayrona Park is sacred to local indigenous groups


I’ve spoken on this blog before about my support for initiatives such as these – I love visiting Tayrona and will do so again this month with friends for my birthday. However, it can sometimes feel as if the National Park service have lost sight of the fact that Tayrona is, first and foremost, a national park, a protected space to preserve nature and wildlife, rather than a hotel or tourist attraction. Of course, the huge number of visitors earns valuable revenue for the system, but at what cost? I would be in favour of introducing stricter caps to daily visitors and enforcing a month-long closure of the park twice annually, even to coincide with the quieter seasons. Colombia is going to become one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the world over the next few years and Tayrona is the jewel in the crown, but it must be preserved and protected so that it can be enjoyed by future generations.


monkey tayrona park
Species like this rare and endemic Cotton-top Tamarin need to be protected


So, to repeat, Tayrona National Park will be closed between January 28 and February 28, 2017. If you were planning to visit during that time, we’re sorry, but here are some excellent alternative ideas in our Colombian Caribbean coast itinerary.


9 thoughts on “Tayrona National Park to close for a month

    Kristel on

    Hi Chris,

    Do you know if the park will be closed in 2018 as well?


    Jess on

    Thanks for the info! I am planning to visit Tayrona on March 3rd, are you confident the park will definitely reopen on the 1st or do these things sometimes get ‘pushed back’…does the Colombia National Park service usually stick to their word? thanks Jess


      Chris on

      Hi Jess: I would say that I’m 99% sure – the 1% is genuinely just because no-on can tell the future! Basically: yes, the park will reopen then.


    gustavo vivas on

    Great news. We must take care and recover this paradise.


    Patricio on

    Hi Chris, any prediction if it will be “crowded” on March 1st/2nd, as also we might extend our stay at the coast to wait for the re-opening? Thanks for your opinion 🙂


      Chris on

      Hi Patricio

      I would say it won’t be too crowded as this doesn’t coincide with any Colombian holidays, however, the fact that it will have been closed for a month and will be reopening on those days might make the place a lot more crowded than an average March.


    Baruch on

    It’s a shame 🙁

    I planned visit Tayrona on Feb 6.

    I’ll be anyway in Taganga for 3 days (arrive by plane to SM).

    There are other jungleish (not beaches) one day destination in the area?



      Kariett on

      Yes. San Andres Or Amazonas. Call me or writte ti me at wgatsapp 3192336119


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