Chongo de Colombia

  It’s Friday again! So, once again, it’s time to dance, party and generally celebrate the weekend! Last weekend was a particularly great one because it saw a fantastic live performance at La Negra in Bogota by Chongo de Colombia and his wonderfully talented gang of musicians (including one of the best trumpet players this […]

Sidestepper Colombia

  It’s August and it’s Friday: the first day of the month and the last of the working week! The Perfect Storm of wonderfulness! It doesn’t get much better than that: August is an amazing month to travel in Colombia, so we’ve got that to celebrate; and Friday is generally acknowledged as a pretty good […]

Villa de Leyva Colombia

  Tomorrow is the start of August (that’s flown by!), and with August come many exciting opportunities for travel in Colombia. Of course, every month here is pretty amazing for travel, however, August offers a number of unique chances to experience a range of Colombian traditions and festivals, as well as some once-in-a-year moments that […]

  Yesterday, Colombia celebrated it’s Independence Day: on July 20th, 1810, independence was declared in Santa Fe de Bogota. The process was by no means easy; the Wars of Independence continued long after this date, and Colombia became part of Gran Colombia (including modern day Venezuela, Panama and Ecuador) in 1819, but, following it’s break-up […]

Ana Maria Flor Amazona Pineapples

  Ana Maria Sarmiento was born in Colombia, and splits her time between Europe, Asia and Latin America. She is also the founder and head designer of Flor Amazona, a new jewellery brand that takes its inspiration from traditional Colombian styles and patterns, and gives them a contemporary twist. She travelled to Colombia with well-known […]

Que significa ser un colombiano? Estereotipos colombianos

    Es muy difícil generalizar o intentar reunir las características que describen a los habitantes de todo un país en una lista, especialmente cuando se trata de Colombia, ya que como sabemos está lleno de diversidad y las personas no son la excepción. Cada región tiene unas características muy específicas, pero otro día hablaremos […]

  As far as I remember, Christmas traditions in Sydney, Australia go something like this. You spend December stressing out about which ridiculously overpriced dance party you’ll invest all that money you should be buying presents for your family with, fight through the crowd gawking at the fireworks, get ridiculously inebriated; and, if you’re in […]

Christmas lights in Bogotá

Christmas in Colombia is an entirely different experience to what we might be used to back in Europe. As soon as they possibly can, Colombians start to decorate their houses, celebrate the festive season with their family and, as with Christmas elsewhere, eat and drink more than is good for you. Here are just a […]

You can find the english version of this post here: Dicen que se trata del viaje no del destino…pero ya estábamos ansiosos por llegar a la cueva prometida. Aunque el paisaje es increible y sentíamos que estábamos a punto de vivir una aventura al mejor estilo de Indiana Jones, ya habíamos estado en esa Land Rover […]

A street in Mompox, Colombia

  As a cynical European, I always understood Magical Realism as crazy Latin American folklore, a literary device that had no real connection to the world. My British skepticism couldn’t grasp the concept, the idea of magic being present in the mundane, real world, of normal, realistic settings going hand in hand with the extraordinary […]