All this week we have been releasing our new galleries of pictures of Colombia. Day 4, and here are Valeria Torrens’ wonderful photos of Colombia. Valeria started travelling at the tender age of 15 months: and this wasn’t just some ‘2 weeks at the beach with the new baby’ trip, this was a 90 day tour of […]

flamingos la guajira colombia

  Colombia is home to many incredible things: jaw-dropping scenery, gorgeous colonial architecture, some of the world’s best secluded beaches, but perhaps the greatest draw Colombia has is its unique flora and fauna. It is one of the world’s most bio diverse countries. However, it is Colombia’s remarkable birdlife which is the focus of this […]

humpback whales choco colombia

  Colombia is a country of wildlife. Ecologically, it is considered one of the world’s most megadiverse countries, and is the most megadiverse per square kilometre on the planet. It is likely that within the next two years Colombia will become the first country on earth to register 1,900 species of birds, and from the […]