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Pablo Escobar Is History Tour

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Pablo Escobar Is History Tour

This tour attempts to put the legacy of one of the world’s most notorious criminals, Pablo Escobar, firmly in the past. Learn about Medellin’s history, with a constant emphasis on its shining present and bright future.

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Pablo Escobar Is History Tour

As Colombia takes giant strides into a brighter future, it’s important to both acknowledge its turbulent past and learn from it. That’s why we’re offering the Pablo Escobar Is History Tour, because we believe that the corruption and the violence that Escobar generated in the past shouldn’t cast a shadow over Medellin’s brilliant present. Unfortunately many people still relate Colombia with this criminal and we need to clearly put that in the past.

Pablo Escobar is one of the most notorious criminals in history. Once named the 7th richest man in the world by Forbes, his beginnings in the Medellín area were humble. The Pablo Escobar Is History Tour gives you the chance to explore the infamous criminal’s life and legacy.

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Aprox 3 hours Excursion. Medellín

The tour begins with a short talk as you begin your journey through Medellin. Medellin’s story is one of triumph over adversity, and you’ll be shown areas that were bombed by Escobar and others during the troubles, all within the context of Medellin’s current revival as one of South America’s most beautiful cities.

You will be taken on a tour of the city, visiting Plaza Botero, famous for it’s display of the work of Colombia’s most famous artist, as well as other unmissable sites such as Parque Lleras, La Milla de Oro, Pueblito Paisa and many more places that typify Medellin’s rapid and impressive growth.

You will see the house in which Escobar was hiding shortly before he died. On the roof of the very same building you’ll be told more about his life and death and, circumstances permitting, you can go inside to see for yourself how he attempted to escape before the police caught him. The tour ends at Escobar’s final resting place, a cemetery on the outskirts of Medellín. It’s here that you can learn more about the complicated legacy the man left behind, as the special grave will suggest.

This excursion is a unique insight into the life of one of the world’s most dangerous men and can be added as an optional excursion to any of our Medellin programs. The tour will give you a lot of information about the man and his legacy, but contrasting the city today with the information you’re given it becomes increasingly clear that Pablo Escobar is well and truly history.


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