Los Nevados, courtesy of Off2Colombia.com

Pereira is one of the three cities that make up Colombia’s Coffee Triangle. Like neighbouring cities Armenia and Manizales, Pereira is surrounded by stunning, varied scenery and boasts incredible natural resources. The city is surrounded by the Otun an Consota Rivers and looming over the horizon are the snow-capped peaks of Los Nevados National Natural Park. The surrounding region offers ample […]

Colombian flags flying in Cartagena

If you want to read this post in English click here. Imagina que te encuentras en este escenario: ganaste un concurso en el que el primer premio es poder visitar tantos países como sea posible en una semana. La condición es que solo tienes dos horas para estar en cada país, además tienes que elegir […]

  I have now been living in Colombia long enough that my family and friends are no longer simply curious about Colombia but genuinely interested. In fact, this interest culminated in a number of members of my family coming out to spend a couple of weeks here. I spent far too much time trying to […]

  Now, I know that it gets bandied around a fair bit here in Colombia, but I´m still a bit confused. Paisa is quite the loaded term. I´ve heard a wild story that claims it originated when the bold Antioqueños were pushing for their department´s independence. The new country (¨pais¨ in Spanish) was going to be called […]

Salento Mirador

So, I don’t know why, but I agreed to go on a trip to the coffee triangle with the adopted little brother I never wanted. Being Australian myself, I should’ve realised how annoying and uncouth my countrymen can be, but, I’m fairly notorious for making poor judgements (apart from going to Colombia, of course), so […]