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Colombia Travel Photo Diary: Cartagena & Playa Blanca

playa blanca cartagena colombia

This is a guest post by Di Michelle, a digital marketer and world traveller currently exploring South America, and blogging about it on her travel blog ‘Slight North’. Over the next few months she will be sharing photographic tales of her Colombian travels with the Colombia Travel Blog through here travel photo diaries. Next up on Di’s Colombia travel itinerary: the vibrant city of Cartagena and picture-postcard beaches of Playa Blanca…vamos!


cartagena colombia
No worries in Cartagena…


Cartagena is one of the top destinations in Colombia, and for good reason. the colourful town, vibrant nightlife, and pristine beaches make it a must visit destination for anyone travelling through the country. when my best friends came to visit, i knew it couldn’t be missed. we spent a blissful weekend wandering the cobbled streets of the walled town, soaking up the sun on the Caribbean islands just off the coast, and of course, enjoying the abundance of seafood the culinary scene has to offer. if you want to read more about our experience and our flights, restaurant, and hotel recommendations, visit my post here: “A Weekend in Cartagena: The Perfect Town.” So far, Cartagena may just be my favourite city in Colombia. What do you think?


getsemani cartagena colombia
Wandering the streets of the old neighborhood of Getsemani


cartagena colombia
Relax with a hammock and a coco loco in your hand


playa blanca cartagena colombia
The Caribbean sea from Playa Blanca


playa blanca cartagena colombia
Sun worshippers welcome here!


playa blanca cartagena colombia
Lazy days on Isla Baru


playa blanca cartagena colombia
No caption necessary…


cartagena colombia
Carefree days wandering the streets of colorful Cartagena


cartagena colombia
Colourful Getsemani


cartagena colombia
The colours of Colombia


cartagena colombia
Exploring the streets of the Old Town


cartagena colombia
Make sure you stop and enjoy the Ceviche that Cartagena is famous for!


Hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as I enjoyed exploring Cartagena and Playa Blanca! See you on my next Colombia Travel Photo Diary


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5 thoughts on “Colombia Travel Photo Diary: Cartagena & Playa Blanca

  1. mitra chappell on

    Hi, I’ll be in Cartagena by cruise, arriving at 6:00 am and departing at 2:00 pm. I would like very much to see Playa Blanca even if it is for a few hours. What would you recommend as a way of getting there, not too expensive (private taxi) and not too long (bus), such as a shuttle boat.
    I really appreciate your input in advace.
    Many thanks,

  2. John Pazera on

    Thanks…we are heading there next week. Nice blog!

  3. Sharon on


    This blog is really useful

    Your website is really good and so useful to help with our trip we have…. I would love your advice as we are planning a trip this December with 2 young kids and we were thinking of spending a week on Provedencia at the end. Do you you think this may be too long? We like to relax on a nice beach and go to simple restaurants etc.. in the evening. A slower cartegana would be great. We are staying there too but I heard only a few days there is enough. I would appreciate any thoughts. Being with young children makes it harder to get to some of the more remote places in Colombia.


      Chris on

      Hi Sharon,

      If beaches and slow-paced lifestyle are your thing then I couldn’t recommend Providencia more highly. People who are looking for more action or nightlife might get bored in a week, but with two kids I’m sure you’d have an amazing week: there are some great restaurants and lovely beaches, and you can hire boats or go hiking and snorkelling. It would make a great end to your trip 🙂

  4. Caroline on

    Hi all! These photos are stunning and so inspiring. I just wanted to let you know that I mentioned your website in a recent guest post for on ‘Reasons why Colombia is the perfect family destination’. You can see the article here

    I hope you enjoy! Thanks for all your great guidance and inspiration.


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