Mar 20

Colombia Photo Gallery: Amazon Jungle Animals!

Caiman Colombian Amazon


As I’m off on a little weekend jaunt to the Pacific coast jungles of Valle del Cauca this weekend, I though I would share with you all some of my best photos of the incredibly diverse selection of wildlife that can be found in the jungles of Colombia, particularly the Amazon rainforest…I really wish there were photos of Jaguars in here, but I’ve yet to come across one of those on my travels (fingers crossed though…I can dream can’t I?!). So here are some amazing Amazon jungle animals! Enjoy…


Rufous Tailed Jacamar
Rufous Tailed Jacamar


Amazon Snake
Too well camouflaged for comfort if you ask me!


amazon caiman
He does not look pleased!


Amazon Sloth
Spot the baby sloth…


Caiman Amazon
Also not looking best pleased…


Titi Monkey Puerto Narino
Squirrel Monkey; Puerto Narino


A stunning blue-and-yellow macaw


Tamarin Amazon
Don’t you stick your tongue out at me!




2 thoughts on “Colombia Photo Gallery: Amazon Jungle Animals!

  1. daniel on

    titi monkey = definitely a squirrel monkey


      Chris on

      You’re totally right, that was a weird mistake to make! Corrected, thanks


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