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4 Colombian Hotels With Unique Personalities

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Although the situation has improved a lot in the past few years, the hotel industry in Colombia is, in many aspects, still in its infancy. This is particularly owing to a blurry set of rules regarding the stars rating, and the local widespread – and mistaken- perception that any property that bears less than four stars or the word “boutique” in its name is little more than a dumpster. There is, therefore, a large amount of local hotels that call themselves 4-5 stars (or boutique) and are not at all worthy of the rating by any international standard.

Here at See Colombia we strive to standarize our services to international requirements and hand-pick hotels that reflect the class of service we want to provide. We wish to classify them based on each client’s distinct type of traveling – regardless of how many stars they claim to have.

Here’s a list of 4 Hotels in 4 colombian destinations that we define as hotels with “unique personalities”. These hotels come with great service, are very comfortable, well-located and have characteristics that make them outstanding in comparison with simirlaly priced/located ones.

Bogota  Hotel Gaitan Cortes

Hotel Bogota Casa Gaitan


Location: Bogota’s Zona G , the gourmet district of the city in Chapinero which is lively but not noisy and very pleasant to walk around. .

Outstanding characteristic: The beautiful 50’s Bogota chic decor and architecture that tells a unique story by itself.

Medellin Hotel The Charlee

Hotel Medellin The Charlee


Location: Parque Lleras, close to Medellin’s best restaurants and bars.

Outstanding characteristic: The place to be in Medellin if you enjoy art and fashion, and the incredible rooftop terrace.

Santa Marta Hotel Casa de Isabella

Hotel Santa Marta Casa de Isabella


Location:  Centro Historico, the Old City of Santa Marta which holds buildings that reflect traditional Mudejar architecture.

Outstanding characteristic: Perfect blend  of the simplicity of Santa Marta’s natural settings and elegant tradition  with  modern comforts, Including  a personal rooftop pool, complimentary I-Pads, and Apple TV,

Cartagena Hotel Delirio

Cartagena Hotel Delirio See Colombia Travel


Location: Right in the heart of the old city, walking distance to everywhere.

Outstanding characteristic: Its immaculate, minimalistic and stylish decoration that enhances the beauty of Cartagena’s traditional and colorful sorroundings.

Some tips to find the hotel that fits your requirements  in Colombia

– Look for more information apart from each hotel’s own website – remember the stars classification is not always on par with international standards.

– Check traveler generated websites like Trip Advisor, taking into account there have been reports of fake tripadvisor reviews in the past. Check the past reviews from the same person. If they have just one bad review for a specific property they’re probably fake.

– Check hotel finder websites such as Trivago to have a full spectrum of your options.

– Trust a reliable Colombia travel agency, such  as  yours truly, that actually has inspected and classified properly every property.




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  1. Julian on

    I think that you will need to do an study for hostels as well. The hostel sector in Colombia is big and of really good quality. If you want to start your research this in my opinion (I have been staying in all of them) would be my favourites:
    ParkLife Hostel Popayan –
    Tralala Salento –
    Casa Kiwi Medellin –
    Alegrias Hostel Bogota –‎
    Casa de François San Agustin –


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