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La Guajira Chronicles: My best Colombian breakfast … by far, so far.

If you are an avid reader of our Colombia Travel Blog, you may know that a few of us aren’t particularly fond of arepas – read the whole sordid tale for yourself here in the Great Arepa Debate. And although I’d admit to liking a regular old paisa arepa once in a while, I’d find it impossible to have one for breakfast EVERY SINGLE DAY like Marce and many other Colombians do.

Arepas Guajira
“Desayuno de Carretera” ( Road Breakfast)

That all changed last December in a blogtrip to Baja Guajira, organized by FONTUR and the Vice Ministry of Tourism; when on the second morning we stopped on our way from Rio Hacha to Valledupar to have a “Desayuno de Carretera” (Road Breakfast). Rosa has been selling her arepas in that same spot for the last 20 years.

I was honestly not very enthusiastic about being faced with the panorama of an arepa breakfast… yet again. But then I saw her …..  as displayed in all her sexy glory at the start of this post. For starters, she happened to be a stuffed arepa , which is always an advantage. But the real kicker was that there wasn’t only meat – as well as chicken – but also – wait for it – a fried egg!!

Arepas in La Guaira
Rosa and her Arepas


And then it happened, like a celestial revelation. I was converted. More than converted: I became addicted to this delicious Guajiran treat! They actually had to stop me from ordering my fourth, because we needed to go on with the trip. A pity, as this was, for me, the highlight of the entire journey. And to think all it took was just a Guajiran Arepa Trifasica to change my mind.



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  1. Maricela on

    Not a huge fan of arepas myself, but they look they look delicious.


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