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“Is my Cat Colombian?” Top 5 Unusual Keywords Used to Find Colombia Travel Blog – the Weird, Wacky and Wonderful

Occasionally one is reminded of just how peculiar you, the general public, can be. One of the most frequent and easily accessible examples of this, as any blog owner knows, is to check the different ways in which people find your blog on Google.

As an homage to you, our frequently bizarre readership, here´s our top 5  weird keywords used to find us at the Colombia Travel Blog. I wonder how many of these people found what they were looking for? If not, I hope they try again and find us now. Keep in mind, these are actual search terms used to find our blog. Really.


Ok this isn´t that funny or strange, but after yesterday we thought our Colombian friends would want a little pick me up. So here it is:

Perhaps the most memorable day in Colombian football history. Let´s hope successes like this aren´t too far away now…


She doesn´t look that mean, does she?

A strange search, really, and to those people who might enter these words into Google might we suggest they come to Colombia and find out for themselves? Or maybe they wouldn´t like to be proved so emphatically wrong. Colombians, for the record, are really very nice.


Curious Kathleen Turner fan, no she is not. You may, however, have been fooled by your research into Romancing The Stone. Here, Kathleen Turner, who’s from America but grew up in Canada and Venezuela, plays an American in Colombia, which is actually Mexico. Confusing?

Well no, not really. Cartagena is in Colombia. Romancing The Stone was shot in Mexico. Kathleen Turner? She’s not from Mexico.


´El Pibe´

If you´re looking for this kind of shape and volume (and let´s be fair, who wouldn´t be?) then you´ve got some work ahead of you. It took our man JL years of perms, conditioning, highlights and general TLC before he could achieve the ´Valderrama´. Hard work, but he never looked back. So if you want help, contact the big man, JL, he no doubt has some tips for you.

JL is a hero among Colombians
JL is a hero among Colombians


If your cat displaying any of the following characteristics:

  • Extremely friendly, polite and accommodating
  • Fondness for aguardiente
  • Fondness for coffee
  • Fondness for salsa
  • Looks and speaks like this:

Is my cat Colombian? Then maybe it is Colombian. Otherwise, I´m going no.


See Colombia Share it
See Colombia Share it


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  1. Natalia on

    I enjoyed this article. The Valderrama “How To” and the cat one were surprising! Ah, and I am one of those looking for 5-0 videos! Quien no quiere volver a ver esa tremenda goleada?!

  2. Valentina on



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