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Colombia World Cup 2011: Barranquilla

Normal practice is resuming here at our Colombia Travel Blog with our countdown to the Colombia World Cup 2011. Today we’re looking at Barranquilla, the birth place of Shakira and one of the biggest Carnivals in the world.

Las Bocas de Ceniza

Barranquilla is located in the north of Colombia on the country’s Caribbean coast. The weather, like nearby Cartagena, is generally hot and dry.

Barranquilleros are renowned for being relaxed, fun loving and partial to a good party. It’s in coastal cities and towns such as Barranquilla that you can experience first-hand the Colombian zest for life, in everything from the fresh local food to the booming nightclubs.

The main tourist attractions are Las Bocas de Ceniza, the city’s zoo, the Museo del Caribe Culture Park and the city’s cathedral.

For dining, a great option is to head to Las Flores, an area of the city where delicious fresh fish is served in an abundance of restaurants. Other recommendations are Santander del Prado and Henry’s Café. In terms of nightlife, be sure to head to the north of the city where the bulk of the nightclubs and bars are located. If you head to any club here you’re likely to have a good time, but if you’re looking for the coolest crowds, be sure to check out FroggsLeggs.

Football? Glad you asked. Two major teams call Barranquilla home: Atletico Junior and Barranquilla FC. The more successful of the two is by far Atletico Junior, who rank amongst the top teams in Colombia. Their most famous player ever is undoubtedly Carlos ‘El Pibe’ Valderrama, proud owner of one of the world’s most infamous hair-dos.

Just… I mean… There are no words.

Barranquilla will host Brazil, Egypt, Austria and Panama in the group stages, as well as a Quarter Final.

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  1. Garuda on

    To watch Brazil in action we must go to Barranquilla. Brazil supporters will pour in there. So lots of Samba in Barranquilla. Get ready for it.


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