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  I went to see El Abrazo de la Serpiente in Bogota’s excellent alternative cinema, Cine Tonala (check out their website: they show a veriety of independent films from all over the world, serve cracking tacos, and host a weekly soul club!), just after it was first released in 2015 – yep, I know, I’m a shameless […]

Puracé National Park Colombia

  The city of Popayan, capital of Cauca department, is famous for many things: it’s gastronomy, gorgeous whitewashed walls, UNESCO status. What fewer people know though, is that Popayan is surrounded by stunning scenery, fascinating cultural heritage and wonderful wildlife. There are several excellent day-trips that can be made from the white city, and ranking […]

Mocoa Putumayo

  Don’t panic, the world isn’t actually ending down here in Putumayo! The End of the World refers to a waterfall known locally as El Fin del Mundo. But I should backtrack first and get to the point: where are we? Mocoa is a small city on the fringes of the jungle, which is often referred […]

The Lost City

To read this in English, click here. Peru cuenta con Machu Picchu, México con el Chichen Itza y Colombia tiene La Ciudad Perdida. Está antigua ciudad del pueblo Tayrona en el Caribe Colombiano fue construida 800 años D.C (por lo que es unos 650 años más antigua que Machu Picchu) la cual fue descubierta tan […]

La Chorrera Waterfall Colombia

  Colombia has a number of well-known, popular hikes that travelers here can enjoy: El Cocuy and the Lost City being the most famous. However, in the countryside around Bogota there are numerous incredible day-hikes available which are generally fairly unknown and under-explored. One of these is the hike to La Chorrera waterfall, near Choachi, […]

Camino Real

  Yesterday we posted a photo gallery of the beautiful Santander towns of Barichara and Guane, along with the lovely hike that connects them, so today we thought we’d give you some more info on the hike itself. Enjoy!     The Camino Real between Barichara and Guane is a 10km hike (mostly downhill, don’t […]

El Penol Rock

  From last Friday until Monday, the little town of Guatape, two hours outside Medellin, in Antioquia Department, hosted the 13th Annual Encuentro Nacional de Caminantes, or National Hikers Meeting. Every year, hiking enthusiasts from all over Colombia (plus a couple of token Brits…hello!) get together to explore hiking trails in different regions of Colombia. This […]