Last year a film was released in Colombia that captured the public’s imagination and quickly broke national box-office records – the film was a high-budget and spectacular wildlife documentary named Colombia: Magia Salvaje. The film delved into Colombia’s remarkable biodiversity, with incredible footage of some of Colombia’s most iconic wildlife. One sequence that stands out […]

cerros de mavecure guainia colombia

  When Colombians go to the polls this Sunday (October 2) they will be asked a simple question with a thousand different potential outcomes, consequences and potential developments: ‘SI’ or ‘NO’ to the peace deal with the FARC. President Juan Manuel Santos has already been quoted as saying that a ‘No’ vote means that “the guerrilla commanders […]

Cómo viajar de manera independiente a los Cerros de Mavecure

Read the English version of this post here: http://seecolombia.travel/blog/2016/01/how-to-travel-independently-to-the-cerros-de-mavecure/ Gracias a la reciente nominación al Oscar (la primera de Colombia) para la épica película filmada en la selva El Abrazo de la Serpiente, un destino colombiana para viajes de aventura parece aprovechar especialmente de ella en 2016 y más allá: los Cerros de Mavecure en el […]

caño cristales colombia

Fotografía de río Caño Cristales: (cc) FOTUR – (fotógrafo MCarvajal) In an unexpected twist to the recent reports of exploratory fracking in and around the Serrania de la Macarena National Park, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced yesterday (Thursday 14 April) that he had suspended the environmental license allowing exploratory fracking to take place in the important zone […]