Boyacá department (the department just north of Bogotá) isn’t exactly undervisited by tourists and travellers, mainly because it’s home to the iconic pueblo patrimonio of Villa de Leyva, a must-visit spot on many people’s Colombian travel lists (and rightly so, it’s gorgeous). But Boyacá has a huge amount to offer beyond Villa de Leyva, as I found […]

Camino Real Bolivar Colombia

  Yesterday marked the anniversary of the death of Simon Bolivar on December 17th, 1830. Although the man commonly known as ‘The Liberator’ was born in Venezuela (Caracas in 1783), many of Bolivar’s greatest triumphs and disasters took place in what is now Colombia, during and after the Wars of Independence which have made him […]

Mongui Colombia

When you plan travels around Colombia, you often think of getting away from it all…to palm-tree lined beaches, to sultry salsa cities or maybe the Amazon rainforest. I however recently decided to escape to a region actually quite close to Bogotá called Boyacá. What does it have going for it? Well, it is home to […]

Colombia Independence Day

  Yesterday, Colombia celebrated it’s Independence Day: on July 20th, 1810, independence was declared in Santa Fe de Bogota. The process was by no means easy; the Wars of Independence continued long after this date, and Colombia became part of Gran Colombia (including modern day Venezuela, Panama and Ecuador) in 1819, but, following it’s break-up […]


You’ve probably heard of the Tomatina Festival in Buñol, Spain, before. It’s kind of a big deal. It’s that festival where a crowd of people systematically turn themselves into a giant tomatoey pizza (although not a Colombian pizza, which remain suspiciously tomato-free). It’s basically an excuse to chuck food around and not get in trouble for it. […]

La Guajira

  Colombia is a country of wondrous destinations; a place with stunning variety and remarkable diversity. It is also home to some truly surreal travel destinations: places where reality and imagination seem to converge. Here are our Top 5 surreal spots in Colombia: 1. La Guajira Gigantic sand-dunes crashing into the Caribbean, stunning beaches carved […]